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A little Miracle

(From Daddy's view )
We were at Tian Hsia Parkway for Big C 'End of Term Review'
Big C had only enrolled in Tian Hsia for only 1 month plus.
It's about time he started to place emphasis on his mother tongue as he hardly speak the language.

See his enrolment at Tian Hsia

There was supposed to be a performance by the class for the parents.
As it was our first time here, we do not really know what to expect. Furthermore I did not notice C practising for this day. I tried to ask if he has been practising and he said he already knows.

C had a history of a fear of school. When we first put him in Childcare 3 years ago, he had a bad case of separation anxiety in school. He would always wail out loud when we drop him off. We thought that it may be because he was relatively young at age of 2. Sending C to classes was a nightmare challenge. So much so we could not even explore enrichment classes during the weekends as he refused to be in a class on his own. The crying at His pre school was brutal for us. It had persisted for over 2 years (not 2 weeks or 2 months), till the point we decided that it was enough.

That was the time we switched him to a Kindergarten.

With the change, C got better. However it is still a task to get him to assimilate to his classes. The 2 main concerns were his fiery temper( to cover his shyness) and his lack of confidence. We thought that this would affect his social skills and had send him for evaluations to see if he has any medical condition. We initially thought he might have ADHD. However there were several 'diagnosis'  of his condition. Some doctors had mentioned Sensory Processing Disorder while others concluded that he has Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

The closest description that fits Cwould be SAD
A person with social anxiety disorder is afraid that he or she will make mistakes, look bad, and be embarrassed or humiliated in front of others. The fear may be made worse by a lack of social skills or experience in social situations. The anxiety can build into a panic attack. As a result of the fear, the person endures certain social situations in extreme distress or may avoid them altogether

After some sessions with counsellors, we decided to stop (there were too many 'diagnosis' and non could agree with the others). Furthermore, he may be too young to be properly assess. We decided it would be best to let Charles develop on his own pace. In the meantime we would explore ways to help him managed himself. Since the beginning of the year he had surprised us in a good way. He had agreed to go not one but two classes on his own ( Tian Hsia and GUG)

A small victory for us : )

In addition, he had stopped crying and even asked to go to Kindergarten in the school bus ( We used to fetch him to school). Nevertheless he still exhibits flashes of shyness and the fear of making mistakes. We tried to let him know making mistakes are part of life and he should not let it stop him from answering questions in school. Earlier this week, at the Parent-Teacher meeting in his kindergarten, we were also told that C rarely volunteers answer as he fears that he would make a mistake. The teachers did acknowledged that he actually knows the answers, he just does not answer unless prompted.

It was the cumulative events over the past years that made me deemed today as 'A little miracle' day

End of Term Review

Other than the group performances which C gamely participate, there were individual performances as well. The main difference for the individual performances is that the kids would have to volunteer themselves to perform. Due to time constraint, only 3 kids from each class can perform (Out of about 8 to 10 kids per class)

For the moment, we thought C would never volunteer, especially for a recital that requires him to speak up on his own. We were surprised that he raised his hands when the teacher asked for volunteers. Even more surprising, he did it every time the teacher asked until he was selected. At this junction I wonder if he is able to handle the situation if selected as I hardly hear him practise. We can only pray.

He was chosen to perform...
He may not be the best in the performances, but he did bought a tear to Mummy's eyes. As for me, there was a silent Whoopee! I am proud to be able to witness my son transforming from a toddler to a boy. Today , we view it as  more than just a performance from our child...
Today we witness a little miracle.

And if anyone asked if I would recommend Tien Hsia, I would do so without hesitation. Kowtows to his teacher Ms Ling Ling. He was only there for 1 month plus and he managed to pick up decent Chineseas well as confidence to speak in front of a crowd. It is nothing spectacular compared to the confidence exhibit by others. Ms Ling Ling had however commented that C is brave at the end of the video.

We agreed.

Having witnessing the school capabilities, we had already decided to send Little Lou for nursery class next year!

You do us Proud!
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  1. Thanks Geraldine, we are proud of him for volunteering!