Maritime Experiential Museum review

The Entrance

We made a visit to the Maritime Experiential Museum We had some free tickets as part of our RWS package. You can get the tickets at the ticket booth  outside the  museum.  The museum is located near the Crane Dance.

Interestingly there is the word Aquarium on the entrance (see picture) but we did not managed to see any live fishes there. Would this be a new attraction that has yet to be added?

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The Bao Chuan

We were greeted by a life-sized replica of Admiral Zheng He’s Treasure Ship (Bao Chuan) and his great fleet (next to the Ship).  The great fleet was impressive as it seems to float in the air next to the Boa Chuan.

The Great Fleet

We were greeted by the SOUK. It is the maritime trade routes in the museum that is divided into 8 ports of call. We were  fascinated by the sights, smells, sounds, cultures and the interesting stories about these ports.  The SOUK is a long corridor that is flank by interactive kiosks and exhibits. It is an interesting way to learn about maritime trade in Asia. We like the fact that we can touch most exhibits along the way.

The first three ports in the SOUK  are dedicated to the Pirates of the East. The Pirates of the East exhibit the famous voyages of pirates from the East like XuYaba and CaiQian

Pirates of the East

The Exhibits
There were other exhibits as well. We like the fact that we can get up close and personal with the exhibits. It is a boon to curious kids like us who like to grab everything in sight.

A new friend
There were hands on activities as well. We had fun making a few of Wayang Kulit Puppets. These mini activities are a great way to keep our interest in the exhibits.

Wayang Kulit Puppets
Next up is the Zheng He Exhibits

Zheng He is born a Chinese Muslim in Yunnan Province and later appointed as Admiral Zheng He (1371-1435), he was known as a great Chinese navigator during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). He led seven voyages between 1405-1433, which was probably the largest and most sustained series of naval expeditions.

There are interactive nautical charts that allows us to plot Zheng He's voyages. In addition, we get to learn about the 4 main explorers of the maritime silk route
Description of the famous explorers

The Explorers
We learn about the famous explorers, Faxian, Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta and Zheng He.
There were some drums exhibits in the SOUK. We decided to put a mini performances there.

There is an impressive Cross-Section of the Bao Chuan that is visible as we travel down the SOUK

Boa Chuan Interior
Next we proceed to the ground level for a battle!

Preparing for battle

Maybe we should not go to war. We caused so much damage there at MEM

We decided it would be much better if we sign treaties instead of going for war. We may be playful and wacky, but we are not violent kids.

Signing of treaty

Ok, sign here please!

After the fight, we continue to explore the exhibits . We liked the interior view of Bao Chuan.
We came across an exhibit of a hanging man (we find it too gross to put a picture up here) Do be warned; it is not a pretty sight for kids.

Bao Chuan Interior
 There are also interesting maritime souvenirs that you can pick up from their retail store as well

The Souvenirs
We ended the tour with the Bao Chuan Show. It is a 5 minutes show that is located at the bow of Bao Chuan. we love the comfy seats on the steps facing the show. The whole tour takes us about 1 hour.
There are other sections that we had opt to skip. They are the typhoon theater as well as historical ships exhibits (Outside the museum). The typhoon theater will cost extra.
Bao Chuan Show
As for the historical ships exhibits, we could not find an entrance to it : P
 The Little Details
Maritime Experiential Museum
Resorts World Sentosa
8 Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Island
Singapore 098269

Opening Hours
10 am to 7pm (weekdays)*
10 am to 9pm (Weekends)
*except on selected dates


(4-12 years old)
(65 years old and above)

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