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ROBO builder
Calling all future Robot Designers and builders;
Ever dream of creating your own Robots?
Ever thought you could build your own R2D2 and be the George Lucas of the future?
Ever wonder where you can take Robotics lessons?
Now you can with Robolabs Kids workshop by IN3LABS

IN3LABS is a developer, marketer, and distributor of innovative teaching and learning solutions for the educational market in Singapore. The company's product and services which include educational robotics are designed to foster academic excellence and professional development, increase student engagement and improve learning outcomes

What is Robokids?

IN3LABS had offered to conduct an exclusive workshop for The Wacky Duo and friends at our house. When Daddy got a whiff of the offer, he readily agrees to it as it sound like a brilliant idea to mix education with play or as they say 'edutain' us. The idea of having us building our own Robots is both intriguing and exciting.

Ready for Class
We managed to rope in our cousins and friends to participate in the workshop. There were a total of 6 kids in the group. However only 4 of us qualify as the recommended age is from 5.5 to 8 for this particular program. Nevertheless all of us were amazed by the moving LEGO-like Bricks that were laid on the table and early await for the workshop to begin.

The Robots
The Workshop began with a mini lecture on Robotics. The kind teachers from IN3LABS wanted to replicate the classroom environment into the home setting. However at the comforts of home and with the presence of parents, it did take a little while for us to warm up and get tuned to a classroom setting,

Class conducted by Chief Instructor Yama Min

Robots 'Show and Tell'
Nevertheless once the main stars of the workshop are presented, we were back all glued to the mini Robots.
The first robot introduced to us is the walking and dancing Robot. This is the first time I actually see a Robot in action. I got to test it as well during the workshop. Unfortunately this robot belongs to the advance class and not for us to build during this workshop. The Robots that are presented are mostly imported from USA and Korea.

Hands on!

Girls can have fun too!
Next, we were shown a robot that goes round a track on his own. We were amazed at how the Robot can go round the track on its own!

Let's race
The Main Event
We get to experience a hands-on session for constructing a Robot. We were split into 2 groups, boys and girls. We had to construct a windmill on our own. After an introduction to the different parts of the building blocks, we began our construction.

Daddy had observed that Robotics appeals to both boys and girls regardless of the social norm. In fact the girls were more intrigued and focused compared to the boys!


Let's start building

Putting the finishing touch
With a little help from the instructors, we managed to complete the windmill. Do note in a classroom setting, most of the constructions would be done ourselves. However since this is not a class, we have the luxury of added attention from the instructors.

We did it!

Our windmills are finally up and running. We learnt about programming from the different cards used to run the windmills. Apparently the windmill speed and directions differs with different cards used. However this may not be obvious to us as we wanted just to see the blades of the windmill spins when we press the control.

It's spinning!

The instructors had stated that the robotics workshop conducted today usually take about 2.5 hours. However due to the limited time, a mini version of the actual class is introduced instead. The actual classes would be more comprehensive and thus exposing the students to more robots.

Build with our own hands

It was an interesting experience for the kids. Given the home setting, it is not easy to get a group of kids to sit still without being distracted. Nevertheless the instructors did a good job of keeping our attention for most parts of the course. Daddy feels the kids would be more focus if it was a true class setting.

Daddy thinks edutainment classes are both a good source of knowledge and play. Exposure to robotics can also develop their skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Daddy’s feedback was that the instructors could consider making it a more hands-on class with a different robot like a car or movable robot. This is to create more visual impact for us on the different mechanics involved in Robotics.

LEGO robot decided to drop in
A special thanks to Yama and Aletha from IN3LABS for their wonderful company and the delightful workshop.

Exclusive Contest - Name the Robot

IN3LABS has kindly provide a Trial class giveaway (worth $75) for one of the lucky readers who can provide the Robot below a name (in less than 5 words)

Give me a name!
How to participate   (2 simple steps)
  1.  'Like' The Wacky Duo Facebook FanPage
  2.  Give the Robot a name on the Facebook Post of this contest. Alternatively you can leave your suggestion as a  comment here after liking the facebook fanpage.

The lucky winner will be chosen by IN3LABS
The closing date for the contest is on 21st July and the results will be out on the 23rd July
 *Contest open to parents of kids age 5.5 to 8 years of age only. Winner must be avaliable on 29th July for the Trial Class.

Details of Trial Class
Date :  29th July (Sunday)
Time : 130 pm to 4 pm
Venue : Waterloo Center, Blk 261 Waterloo street, Unit #04-37 Classroom No 2 S(180261)

The Little Details
IN3LABS conducts certification courses on their premises.

Course details
Robolabs Beginners Certification Course (Robokids platform)
For ages: 6-8
Cost $590 (20hr course over 8 weeks).
2.5hrs per lesson
Size of class (max 15)
Teacher: Student ratio is 1:6
Date: 30 July 2012 - 16 Sept 2012 (Every Sunday)
Time 13:30 - 16:00hr
Venue: Waterloo Center, Blk 261 Waterloo Street , Unit #04-37 Classroom No. 2
Registration can be done online at http://www.in3labs.com/ or by writing to info@in3labs.com
For more information on the courses, please click here

Demonstration and talk

For parents and children who are keen to find out more. They can join us on our monthly talks about our Robolabs programmes.
The talk is free and will be held on :

22 July Sunday
Venue: Peek-A-Boo
5 Stadium Walk #02-12 Leisure Park Kallang, 397693

Promotional price: $20 off course fees per sign up from now till 25 July. (Sign up 2 or more kids and enjoy $30 off instead of just $20 each)

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