Baby's Day out 2012 - Media Invite

National Day Series : Our first National Day Party
We are kicking off National Day Week with a series of  special posts leading up to National Day.
The first to start the Series is the review of Baby's Day out 2012 - My First National Day Party

For Babies only!
About Baby's Day Out
This was the third year that Baby's Day Out was organised by NTUC U Family unit. This was the first time it was held outdoors and the admission is free.

This year 3000 parents and babies gathered at Lawn@Marina Bay to set the record of Singapore's largest national flag made up by more than 1000 milk bottles in a show of support to baby-friendly practices in the workplace.
 Baby's Day out orgainised by U Family
The Wacky Duo are invite as a representative of  Marina Bay AmBAYssadors to participate in the event.

This event is touted as a networking event for parents with babies to come together to exchange parenting tips and celebrate their babies milestones.

See our other Marina Bay AmBAYssador event- Gardens by the Bay review
Singapore Largest National Flag made from milk bottles
One of the highlight of the event was the National Flag made from Advent milk bottles. I did my part to be part of the record breaking effort by putting an Advent bottle filled with a personal message in the flag ( for the record both me and Louis are using advent bottles)
 My first world record!
The event supports back-to-work Breastfeeding Mothers and thus the significance of this milk bottle National Flag. U Family aims to explore flexible Lactation breaks and nursing corners at workplace with employers to support Mummies.
The VERY Popular Ballon maker
There were several fringe activities organised and these includes free nutrition and weaning advice corners by Advent and Nestle. For us, our main focus was actually on the balloon maker. It took us a good 30 mins in the queue for our turn to get the balloons. (There was only 1 ballon makers for 1000 babies!)
Fringe Activities@ Baby's Day out

Other than that, we also enjoyed the piped music and the vast outdoor space. With a picnic like atmosphere, we grooved to the music that was played.
What's that noise?
That is until the music was interrupted by roaring jets above us!

The event coincides with the National Day rehearsal and it gives us a great opportunity to have our first exposure of National Day as brothers.
F16s soaring through the sky
We were excited as we prepare to sign the National Anthem and recite the National Day Pledge. Even though we could not be at the main event, being in the Lawn@Marina Bay with like-minded families all decked out in RED made us feel proud of being Singaporeans.
Having a wild time @ Baby's Day Out 2012

Singapore Pledge
And the best part?

Seeing the Chinooks carrying the Singapore Flag across Marina Bay while we were reciting our pledge. Our parents say that they felt goose bumps but we could not see any goose around us...
The Singapore Flag
A special thanks to U Family and Marina Bay for the media invite. This event is truly our first National Day Party!

Media Invite
The little Details

About U Family
NTUC established the family development unit in October 2007 to build up a community of strong and happy families in Singapore with the development of family-focused initiatives and programmes to strengthen family bonds. It was rename U Family in May 2008.

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