Little Lou 2nd Birthday Celebration

The Train cake
Birthday Time!
I had a double celebration for my birthday. We celebrated my 2nd birthday with the immediate families of Mummy and Daddy.

A morning kiss from Kor Kor
I received a morning kiss from Big brother. Everyone I met in the house today sang me the Happy Birthday Song. So much so, by the time for cake cutting in the evening, I am also singing along for parts of it.

The Journey
Daddy remembers the journey he experienced when I was in Mummy's tummy. There were a few 'scary' moments he would like to share.

At the first screening blood test during mummy's  first tri-semester, the result came back abnormal. However, with God's grace, the later diagnostic test came back normal. During the pregnancy,  my parents had another scare when Mummy had slight bleeding during the 20 plus weeks. Mummy had to take medication and take an extended bed rest  to make sure I stay in the tummy till full term.

No, I was not an easy baby for Mummy to carry...

I was delivered the next day when Mummy stopped her medication when she reached 37 weeks.

The Birthday Boy
The day when I was delivered, I had the fiercest cry in the baby ward (so said the nurses). From day 1, I was determined to have my food no matter what. Daddy thinks I am independent and a fighter.

Fast forward 2 years.
Time flies so fast (in Daddy's eyes) . I have outgrown the 4 hours per interval milk feed (Thanks goodness for that !) As predicted by Daddy, I become more independent, often finding ways to entertain myself and even eating on my own since 1.5 years old. In fact I held my own milk bottle when I was only 6 months old.

Who I am today?
I have an outgoing personality coupled with a lethal combination of a cheeky grin and big round eyes ( Daddy calls it the Lady Killer Look) . I was less 'protected' by my parents and was given more 'freedom' to explore on my own. My passion is dancing and I have got a few breakdancing moves up my sleeves.

Daddy said I have a lion heart for my age. I place others before self, especially Big Brother. Whenever I wanted food or buy a toy , I would always ask my parents to get one for Big C  as well. When Daddy felt unwell with chest pains, I would put my tiny hands over his heart and pat him.(Daddy said it would make him feel better)
Birthday Part 2
Party Time!
I celebrated my birthday with 2 sets of family members on different days.
I enjoyed the company and appreciate the presence of my family members.
This should be the year when I would probably discover my tongue and improve my mobility. Looking ahead, I will be enrolling into pre-nursery at the same school as my brother. My parents are also on a look out for suitable enrichment and activity classes
Celebration Part 2
Turning 2 had also prompted my Daddy to think of a new topic for Parenting 101 for his monthly column He would be attempting to do a 'Raising a kid' segment on raising kids from age 0 to age 6.

Watch this space!

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes and your presents!
Can't wait for the next birthday ; which in Daddy's eyes would most likely come within a blink.



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