Singapore Flyer- Singapore from the sky

National Day Series :  Reviewing Singapore from the Sky!
We are back to the Singapore Flyer 2 weekends ago.

Complimentary tickets to Singapore Flyer
This is not our first time at the Singapore Flyer. See our full review at
Singapore Flyer Sun-Sea-Land Adventure

We are heading back up
Ever since our last trip up the flyer, Louis had been hinting that he would like to go back up again.
Whenever we pasted the Singapore Flyer in the car, Louis would have this conversation with Mummy

Mummy : Louis, see the Big Circle ... (That is our pet name for the Singapore Flyer)
Louis : Up
Mummy : Go up with Who?
Louis : Mummy, Daddy, Kor Kor

Since he had the SAME conversation for the past 20 times (Since our last trip in May), Daddy thought this is an excellent opportunity to bring him up again.

Journey of Dreams
This time we spend a little more time at the Journey of Dreams. The last time we had to rush through the exhibits as we were in a group.

Exhibits  Journey of dreams

See how the flyer was build in 20 seconds

It is sad that some of the exhibits were already in a tattered state since the last time we visited. Given that it was only 3 months ago, it seems like some exhibits were 'abused' badly during this time.
The good thing is that we managed to get a whole capsule by ourselves. Without further ado, we began to take the maps out and get ourselves orientated aka tourist style.
Brothers @ Singapore Flyer
Daddy wasted no time to take some photos of us. We did not managed to get decent photos the last time round as brothers, so he is determine to snap more photos of us
Brothers @ Singapore Flyer 2
  We also spotted a new construction at the side of the flyer
What are they building?
The grand stand of F1 that is coming in September. It's always amazing how they assemble and dismantle a grandstand once every year. Perhaps they can consider making it permanent for other events as well ( i.e. Chingay, Halloween Parade, dining by the sea, etc)

By the way , any kind souls willing to sponsor a ticket or 2 (We do prefer 4 for the family)for F1?

F1 Grand Stand 
We even managed to get a half decent shot of the family.
The following shots are meant for those who wants to see what Singapore looks like from the Singapore FlyerThe last time when we were up in the flyer, Daddy was still lugging his old Canon. For this trip, all pictures are taken with the Olympus OMD-EM5

Read about Daddy's love for the Olympus OMD-EM5

City View
National day is tomorrow, for those looking for a good view of National day, The Singapore Flyer will provide that for you. However you would probably only get to enjoy the city view for about 15 mins or so.
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Gardens by the bay
We spotted Gardens by the Bay. We love the place when we were there.
Read all about it at

We enjoyed ourselves up in the flyer. It also gives us a chance to recap what we had experienced over the last few months.
I want to go 'up' again!
We would most likely go up the flyer again when we have the chance to do so. Every experience at the Singapore Flyer is indeed a moving experience. Moreover , by being up at the flyer, you are able to observe the changes in Singapore landscape. It's amazing how our little country had changed over the last 5 years since I first went up the Singapore Flyer.
I have grown with the flyer. Much taller now...
Our next trip up would probably be at night. It will be amazing to see Singapore at night from the flyer. Till the next time! See you soon Big Circle!

The Little Details

Singapore Flyer
Address: 30 Raffles Avenue Singapore 039803

Opening Hours
Adults :  From $29.50
Child : From $20.65
For tickets: (+65) 6333 3311


  1. What a nice view up there. I wish I could go there one of these days. I've been very busy and I need a break. I would love to try that.

    1. It's a good 30 mins of zoning out and admiring how Singapore had grown, worth the trip imho.

    2. nice review!