POSB Run for Kids 2012 - Family Walk

POSB Run For Kids 2012
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 It's Sunday.
What would you like to do?
Laze around the bed, watch some TV, have a hearty breakfast?

We choose to run for kids. POSB Run for Kids 2012 has partnered People's Association Community Development Fund (PACDF) to promote activities and programmes which will contribute towards social capital and community development. POSB Run for Kids 2012 is an initiative where the proceeds will be directed to PACDF for this cause.

POSB Run for Kids -Family Walk 3.5km
The whole family is invited by Marina Bay by part of Marina Bay AmBAYssadors.
When we asked Mummy if you could run 3.5 km. She was sceptical that we would make it and suggested a stroller. Nevertheless we woke up early to prepare for the race sans stroller.

It was indeed a brave decision at that, Daddy and Mummy could end up carrying both of us for 3.5km if we choose to resist the walk!

Louis Walking
We reached the designated starting point at about 830. The race only started at 10am. However we were patience enough to wait till the starting time. Louis was about to fall asleep before the race starts, but once it started, he trooped along like a season competitor.
Gardens by the bay
This was our first family walk. We like the relax atmosphere and the route. It was indeed refreshing to stroll through Marina Bay towards Gardens by the Bay. We discovered that there is a new route from Marina Bay Sands to the Gardens by the bay near the Helix Bridge
Discovering Mimosa
Along the way, we had some pitstops to discover some plants. I even had a mini performance at Gardens by the Bay.
Mini Performance at the Gardens
Daddy thinks that this route is calming and peaceful. Perhaps he could use this route for his evening jogs after his work near Marina Bay.
Louis at the Gardens by the Bay
 After about 2 km, I had to take a timeout at the Gardens
Time out!
It wasn't long before my energy is recharged and I am back to complete the race. In fact for the return leg, I jogged with Mummy for most parts towards the finishing line. Mummy complain that her legs were numb as she has not exercise for a while now...
For some strange reason, Louis decided to stop at the waterfront in front of Marina Bay Sands to admire this building. I wonder why?

Louis @ Louis
We love the views of the Supertrees and the flyer from the route where we walk. It gives us a different perspective of Marina Bay and the Gardens by the Bay.

Spectacular Marina Bay Views
 Marina Bay has certainly developed and the iconic structures along the way is pleasing to the eye.
10 KM completion!
We did our 10  3.5 km family walk in about 1 hour. I am proud to say that I walked on my own throughout the whole route. As for Louis, he had to be carried after walking every other 20 m. Maybe Daddy should have listen to Mummy and bring the strollers.
Running to the Finish
 Upon seeing the finshing line, I had a sprinting contest with Daddy for about 100m or so.
Finisher - POSB run for the kids
Naturally I am the winner for the race. ( Daddy you need to work out!)
Thanks again to Marina Bay for the invite. We love the workout and look forward to future family runs in Singapore and beyond!
 POSB Run for kids 2012
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