Musicals for Kids (Singapore) Oct - Dec 2012

We did a round up for musicals from Jul - Sep and we would like to do another for October to December 2012. Given how much we enjoyed our last play The Cat in the Hat, it would be safe to assume that we would be going to at least one of the musicals for the last quarter of the year.

Nutcracker on Ice
23 Oct to 28 Oct, Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater

The world's premier theatrical ice skating company, The Imperial Ice Stars make their triumphant return with a dazzling new production of The Nutcracker on Ice. 

Now they present their brand new production The Nutcracker on Ice, once again thrilling audiences with their exhilarating displays of breathtaking high-speed leaps and throws, and awe-inspiring acrobatics, coupled with the most graceful and sublime ice dancing. Boasting a 26-strong cast of World, European and National Championship skaters, The Imperial Ice Stars are set to once again astound and mesmerize audiences with their adrenaline-rich, dramatic performance, all within the intimate setting of a frozen theatre stage. The production features lavish and fantastical new sets from one of Australia's premier scenic designers, Eamon D'Arcy, whose designs for previous Imperial Ice Stars tours have captured the imaginations of audiences around the world. Together with characteristically sumptuous costumes, magical special effects and arguably Tchaikovsky's most famous music, The Nutcracker on Ice promises to be a feast for the senses. 

Ashputtel - The story of Cinderella
25 Oct to 17 Nov , Alliance Francasise Theatre

Once upon a time there was a girl called Ashputtel. You may know her as Cinderella. She's called Ashputtel because she sleeps in the ashes by the fire.
Now, come and let us show you her original story; of a stepmother, wicked but beautiful stepsisters, a Prince and a magical tree...
Meet her family, share her adventures and discover how she finally gets what her goodness deserves!
With music and song, drama and comedy, adventure and shoes, we present this classic folk tale freshly told, but based on the original Grimm Brothers' story.
Ashputtel is adapted from Brothers Grimm (Germany) with set designed by Brian Seward (UK).

The Magic Jungle
31 Oct to 4th Nov , Esplanade Recital Studio

The jungle is full of animals that come out to play when the sun goes down. Can you see the cockatoos, the sloth bear, the flying fox and the gibbons? Can you help the tiger and the leopard to find their stripes and spots? Glide,stomp,swing and jump through the Magic Jungle with Paige!

Fantastic Mr Fox
01 Nov to 09 Dec , DBS Arts Centre 

This November, SRT’s The Little Company presents Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl - the world’s favourite children’s author.

Adapted for stage by David Wood, Fantastic Mr Fox is a classic tale of goodies and baddies. It is an inspiring story about the brave Mr Fox who devises a plan to steal food from three mean farmers in order to feed his family.

The farmers, Boggis, Bunce and Bean,try to get Mr Fox by any means possible. But with the help of his family and his friend, the Badger, Mr Fox outsmarts the farmers at every turn.

Filled with humour and packed with action, this is a fantastic show to be enjoyed by children of all ages.

The Magic brush
23 Nov - 24 Nov, Marina Bay Sands Grand Theatre

Ma Liang is a kind hearted boy who loves to draw. But as a poor orphan, he does not have proper ink and paper to draw with. At a drawing competition, he uses the brush and paper abandoned by his Young Master and draws the most magnificent dragon. This infuriates the Old Master who burns Ma Liang’s house in his fit of anger. A magical dragon appears, saves Ma Liang from the fire and gives him a magic brush. What powers does the magic brush have? How will Ma Liang use this magic brush? Can he fight and win against his greedy Old Master?

Join us as we bring you on a magical journey with Ma Liang filled with songs, dance and puppetry.

Disney Live! Mickey's Rockin'Road Show
27 Nov-  02 Dec, Marina Bay Sand Grand Theater

Hit the road with Mickey Mouse and your favorite Disney friends for a hilarious talent search in the all-new Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin' Road Show! Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy set out on a zany road trip where audiences join in and help find the coolest acts around. Along the way, hit a high note with Cinderella; get your bounce on with Tigger; and shout out your loudest "yee-haw" at a hoedown with Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear from Disney/Pixar's Toy Story! Grab your family for a fun-filled getaway at this live, show-stopping adventure jam-packed with unexpected twists, turns and hijinks -right in your hometown! 

Kalaa Utsvam 2012 : Sita's Magical Forest by Apsaras Arts
 02 Dec , Esplanade Drive

The Ramayana, an epic celebrated across Asia, tells the trials and triumphs of Rama and Sita. In the story, the couple spends a considerable amount of time in the woods whilst in exile, encountering many enchanted creatures. Amongst them are an eagle; a bear; a sea monster; a crow; a frog; a squirrel; a golden deer; one of the most important characters, Hanuman, and his band of monkeys.

SSO babies Proms : 10th Anniversary
06 Dec , Esplanade Hall

Celebrating our SSO Babies’ Proms 10th Anniversary, the SSO and Uncle Peter will take your babies and toddlers down a movie adventure like no other! Featuring music from Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, Themes from 007, Superman and Mission Impossible, be prepared to explore the fun and fantastic world of classical music. So don’t miss the one and only concert in Singapore specially tailored for the little ones!

Santa Claus the Musical
13 Dec to 06 Jan , Marina Bay Sands Grand Theater

From the producers of Annie comes Santa Claus the Musical, a delightful Christmas adventure that is sure to warm everyone’s heart.

Featuring a host of wonderful characters; From the magical Santa Claus to the Evil Ice Queen, Rudolph the Reindeer and all his loveable brothers and sisters, the tap dancing Polar Bears together with ten of the cutest penguins and the singing crows who think they are the Beatles, this has got to be the funniest, most lovable family night out ever.

This heart-warming musical, tells the story of Santa Claus and his chief Elf, Joe, trying to stop the Ice Queen, and her faithful henchman, Jack Frost, from cancelling Christmas around the world. As the battle between good and evil unfolds in the toy factory at Lapland, it is up to Santa Claus and Joe to fight to save Christmas for all-mankind.

Tickets for all events can be found at www.sistic.com

With so many musicals for kids, who can dare say Singapore does not have an Arts Scene, especially one that caters to kids?

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