School Concert Performance

Ready or not , here I come
It's time for another school concert performance!

After a hiatus of 2 years , I will be back on stage again. I did not perform last year as my current school only has K1 and K 2 performances. Previously at my old school Columbus, I had 2 performances while I was in N1.

My cheerleaders
The gang was there to cheer me on. All 4 of us were either alumni, current students and future student of the school. I was the only one performing for that day.

It was a nerve wreaking time for mummy. She was more nervous than me. At the door after she handled me over to my teachers, she was even worried that she did not tied my shoes tight enough.

The reason was because the last time when I was on stage 2 years ago, I had a major breakdown. Moreover I am a relatively shy person by my parents reckoning , thus this performance would be akin to a test of fire for me.

First up was my dance performance - Dynamite.

Our class was the only one that was specially cheographed by a parent volunteer. The performance was considered more up tempo and better coordinated compared to the other performances.

To the relief of my parents, I did a good job. No jitters from me. It was all smiles and waves. As you could see, whatever iota of stage fright I had in the past disapated with this explosive performance ( puns very well intended)

And Mummy, the shoes are not loose. They fit just well

If you think the performance was the highlight of the show, there was a bigger challenge for me to come. I was supposed to wrap up the finale with an introduction speech to show appreciation to the parent volunteer. Without battering an eyelid, I walked confidently with gusto to the front of the stage for the intro.

I could have sworn I saw Mummy teared ( she was quite some distance away but I could see the twinkle in her eyes) . My Godma said I was clear, loud and concise. Daddy would like to add confident and cool as well. It made my parents and those who were there ( Grandparents, Godma and gang) see me in a different light. I have grown in their eyes. I think the rays i see from their faces after the concert are due to them beaming with pride.

Little mc
The concert was held at PLMGS. Next year , my cousin Kaelyn will be joining me on stage. It will be a blast to watch for my family.

After the concert, we were all famished, we headed down to 112 Katong Canton Paradise for dinner.

Canton paradise
Dinner was a mix of dim sum and main dishes. The gang was so food deprived that we finished up a large bowl of porridge. The food was yummy but I think we were more fascinated with the purple settings in the restaurant.
A good end to a good day.

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