Time to boogie at Megadance and NTUC giveaway results

Ufamily Megadance at Hard Rock Cafe
Sponsored event

It's boogie time at Ufamily Megadance last Saturday at Hard Rock Cafe. The venue was at the Coliseum at Hard Rock Cafe Singapore at RWS. It was a highly anticipated event for both of us as we had been practising our Gangham Style every night a week leading up to the event.

Huge space to dance!
As we were early for the event, we decided to go for a meal in the vicinity. The closest restaurant to us was The Starz at HRC. We had the much acclaim Legendary burger of Hard Rock Cafe. Somehow it does not leave up to its expectation. Moreover it took them 40 mins to serve us and the restaurant was not even full!

The meal was costly but we had vouchers from our RWS Fan of the month award to pay for it. Unfortunately the dining experience was underwhelming and the service was questionable. However the Starz is more well known for its buffet experience , thus the experience for other diners may differ.
Dining at Starz
As a result of the long long waiting time at Starz , we missed the opening of the Megadance event. We heard that Gangham Style was played earlier as the opening song for mass dance. Imagine our disappointment when we realised we missed what is probably the highlight of the event.
Megadance @ HRC
We reached the venue about 45 minutes late , by that time there was quite a crowd at the Coliseum. The place was not as packed as Ufamily Upinic. Even though we were late, we thought that the crowds may have already warm up and we see will get to see many bodies jumping up and down to the beat. However it was not to be. We guess the crowd are shy and reserved when it comes to dancing.
There was a live DJ and a Emcee for the event. the music may be a tad loud but it does have its audience.
Spin a song Mr DJ
We did caught a few bodies grooving to the beat on the centerstage. Mostly preschool kids from what we can see. These kids simply groove and jive like it is in their blood. Watch out clubbers, this next generation are going to take over the dance floor!
Dancing @ Centerstage
Not to be outdone, a minority of 'senior clubbers' are leading the way with their coordinated moves. 
Step up!
I decided to get into the act by getting straight into the core of the action. Upfront and Centerstage!
It amazed my parents as usually I am the cool dude who would avoid action in a big group.
Look who's dancing?
I tried to coax Louis to get into the act, but he seems a little petrified by the loud music and the crowd on Centerstage. I guess my experiences at school concerts had given me more confidence to perform on stage.
Louis, let's dance
All Louis could do was to keep still. Frozen by the loud music and the dark surrounding I suppose. We decided to call him Mr Freeze for the night.
Mr Freeze
Speaking about darkness, it was indeed a 'dark' event without much lights. so much so that I had to place a ring of light on my face for Daddy to be able to capture a decent picture of me.
Ring of light
In addition, being an open space, the air was quite humid.I was overdress for this occasion in my long sleeve shirt. After about 20 minutes of crazy dance, I am already perspiring buckets.

Where's the air condition when you need them?
Am I hot?
I was not the only ' hot' kid in town. I get to see our fellow Blog Champion from babyhiroshi.blogspot.com were up the stage performing the Macarena. Impressive -and they got second in the family dance competition.
Macarena time
There was a dancing lesson conducted as well. However we got lost after the third step as the dance moves were deemed too sophisticated for us kids. We are High 5 standard not So you think you can dance level.

By then, we were rather sedated by the lack of dance action ( the stage was utilized for the performances and dance lesson) We decided to take a break form Megadance and head down to the nearby Crane show to catch the Crane Dance and fireworks as we wanted to end the day with a bang... Literally.
Crane show @ RWS
Overall there are moments I enjoyed at the event. On the contrary, my parents felt that it could be better. Like the restaurant that we patronize earlier, they felt that we may not be the target crowd for the event. Given that mostly families with young kids turning up, Megadance could be more focus on the 'live' audience. The intention for the family event was there but the execution could be better. Meanwhile we propose some measures to improve the program for the coming years since Megadance is an annual event in ufamily calender.
  • Not so loud music - it will scare off the toddlers. Ask Mr Freeze, he is as still as a statue throughout the event.
  • Some food and drinks stalls will be good - Kids tends to get hungry and thirsty after a workout.
  • Dance lessons for the masses -The dance moves were too pro to follow, we want High 5 moves!
  • Earlier timeslot - We love to dance, but our bedtime is usually around 9pm.
  • Brighter please - We are still kids and if we get lost our parents need to find us!
  • More fringe events and entertainment- we miss the bouncing castles  and the live performance of upicnic.
  • Specify the target crowd - We think that the event in this forma is rated PG and not G. More suited for parents with older kids than toddlers.
Nevertheless , my peers did have a fun in the event as evident from the mini kids invasion on centerstage.
It was an interesting experience it gave me have a taste of what clubbing means. At the very least, I did one thing better than most adults present, I get to...

Dance like no one is watching

See you next year
Results of NTUC fairprice Voucher Giveway
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I am an NTUC U Family Blog Champion, and the above event was attended with compliment from U Family. U Family is a community that advocates the building of strong and happy families by championing work-life integration for working families.
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