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Wishing Spheres@Marina Bay
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Have you made your wish for 2013?

As part of the Marina Bay Singapore countdown 2013 experience, the official bloggers were invited to witness the sphere installation at the Marina Bay.
The Esplanade Jetty
The Wishing Spheres had been a part of the countdown landscape since 2005. It has a humble beginning of 2500 spheres and had now since grown to a contingent of 20,000 spheres guarding Marina Bay : The Bay of Hope and Light. It is now an undisputed iconic feature of Marina Bay Singapore Countdown.
Our boat arrives
The Wishing Spheres were collected from 27 wishing stations. They are collectively tied together on a rope and attached to an 80kg weight before they are dropped in clusters into the bay. They are laid out in a grid zoning system and carefully laid out in teams of 2 to 4 headed by Mr Nicholas, the main man in charge of the Wishing Spheres.
Spheres in a Grid system
Given the erratic weather on the day of the installation, I decided to leave the boys at home . It was pouring Cats and Dogs before we set off. As such we could not see the installation of the actual spheres. When the rain subside, we did a tour around the Spheres around the bay,
(Do check out our fellow official bloggers Daeng Rizam and The Cambelles experiences on the actual installation)
Without further ado, the boat set off with a staff from Esplanade and the Sphere team. Fellow official blogger Deenise was also on board for this trip.
Wishing Spheres @ MBFC
The spheres are made of plastic. The markers used for the spheres are environmentally friendly as they are non toxic and chemical free. All materials including the markers used are approved by the PUB before they are released to the bay. Thus you can be assured that the spheres would not affect Marina Life around the bay.
Wishing Spheres@ Marina Bay Sands
The theme for this year Wishing Sphere is Gratitude. We spotted quite a few spheres filled with message on being thankful for the year, for families and for friends. There are also light hearted wishes for world peace and making 'big bucks '. We do hope all the good wishes penned on the bay would come true.

If you miss penning the wishes on the Wishing Sphere, do not fret. you have a chance to do so at the Marina Bay Countdown Website to pen your wishes for the new year with the Wishing Cards.
Wishing Spheres@ Merlion Park
We spotted a few platforms that were set up in the bay. If you would like to have the best fireworks view, we were told the best place to be would be at the Esplanade as the fireworks are oriented towards the direction at the bay.
Fireworks platform
At the end of the event, the Wishing Spheres are individually collected and deflated by the Wishing Sphere Crew before they are send to recycling plants to be recycle into new products. The work is labour intensive and kudos to the crew who made this possible for the event.
Wishing Sphere Crew
It will take about 2 weeks before the Wishing Spheres disappear, do take a trip down especially in the evening to witness the spheres at the bay. The Wishing Sphere would be lit by colourful floodlights from Dec 26th to New Year's Eve in the evening. For photo buffs, this will be a good time to capture the moment with the Marina Bay skyline as your backdrop.
Picture Credit : Ong Yi Chao (MarinaBay 2010 photo contest Merit Winner)
As for The Wacky Duo, we will be station at the Esplanade for the night. Do say 'Hi' if you happen to see us!

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