The City @ Liang Court

The City@ Liang Court
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The invitation arrives a few weeks ago to explore The City

This is suppose to be Singapore first indoor learning playground that allows children to explore different adult jobs through role-playing. We had read about similar playgrounds overseas and waited in anticipation of the opening of The City in Singapore
In The City
About The City
The City brings Singapore exciting, first-of-its-kind playtime experiences for children – both fun and educational at the same time! Designed for three to eight year-olds, The City is an interactive learning playground that recognizes the importance of high-quality role play

Within The City, young children can try out different adult roles and professions in a fun, safe environment. Creativity and imagination are promoted to positively enhance growth and development. Children can transform themselves into Cooks, Cashiers, Doctors, Nurses or Policemen, dressed in the respective uniforms and outfits. They can drive on mini streets, navigate traffic signs and lights, and explore small-scale real-life locations; such as the supermarket, café, beauty salon, medical clinic and much more!

(Source : http://www.thecity.com.sg)

With this description of The City, our expectations were set mile high prior to our visit.

Nested in a corner on the 3rd floor of Liang Court, The City is an indoor playground that is about the size of 2 basketball court.

When Daddy told us that we will be going to a new playground, we were expecting the usual slides, ball pits and play area. We were a little bewildered when we reach The City and non of the usual playground equipment that we were familiar with exist. Instead, we were greeted by different playzones known as learning stations designed to give us a chance to role play .

It was not our usual playground fare, but given it's unusual concept, it is sufficient to pip our interests.
The Learning Stations
  • Supermarket

Our First stop was the Supermarket. Given that we tag along with our parent to grocery shopping most of the time, we were eager to role play as shoppers and cashiers. We love the stacks of food that we could pick and place into our small trolleys.
Shopping Experience
The Supermarket was probably the place we spend the most time on during this trip. Given the realistic set up, it was no surprise that we enjoy this learning station.
  • Clinic and Nursery

It took quite a while to pry us away from the Supermarket. Eventually we managed to leave and explore other playzones. Our next stop is just beside the Supermarket and it houses the Clinic and Nursery.
Kor Kor decided that he would like to be a Doctor (Actually he wanted to be a dentist)
The rooms have a few doll patient and there were doctors and nurses outfits for kids. There was even a medicine cabinet loaded with 'medicine'. The Doctors will be taking care of sick patients whereas the nurses would be on diaper patrol for babies at the nursery,
Do note that the role playing are not structured and left to the child's imagination. It is different from some role playing centers where there are specific activities plan for the day. There are more free play than stuctured educational play.

Ms Smadar, the director of The City, had indicated that there may be smaller activities in the near future to cater to the learning aspect of the playground.
Patient Zero
Doctor Kor Kor needs a real patient and I volunteered myself for the part.
  • Hero

Next up is the Hero playzone. Every little kid loves to be Superheros.
Hero Zone
The friendly neighbourhood spider-man decides to drop in for a visit.
There is a costume corner that has Thor, spiderman, Superman , Captain American, princess outfits and others. We decided to transform ourselves to Superheros before entering the Hero Zone.

The Hero Zone is well padded and filled with foam base blocks. We could build the blocks up into tall skyscrapers and destroyed them over and over again.


Otherwise we could pretend that they are buildings and swing from them. Not sure how this contribute to learning, but we did have a smashing fun time in this zone. So much so we spend almost as much time here as compared to the Supermarket.
  • Post Office and Classroom

We did not get to explore these 2 rooms due to the lack of time.
Post office
There are some potential for interactive plays here. It would be great if there is a postmaster or a teacher in the area to man the stations and guide the kids along.

  • City Coffee

For those interested in cafe culture, the kids could role play as chefs or barista at the open concept kitchen. This is a hit for children who love being in the kitchen.

The City caters to both boys and girls of recommended ages 3 to 8. There is even a dressing area specifically design with young ladies in mind. Older children may not 'appreciate' the learning stations and may affect the free play of the younger children.
Dressing Area
There is also an 'empty' room which could double up as a birthday party room. The City can accommodate 50 kids + parents comfortably in the playground.
Birthday Room
After an intensive play and fighting off villains, the Spider Boy decided to revisit the Supermarket to look for food. Even Superheros get hungry after a hard day's work. We spend almost 2 hours there and was one of the last to leave!
Superhero in Supermarket

The City is a unique playground concept. We feel that it caters more to a niche market. Billed as an interactive learning playground, we feel that the learning part may not be apparent for the moment. Compared to other learning centres overseas, The City has more free play and leave the role playing to the imagination of the children.

Structured minded parents may find this disappointing, but the targeted age group 3-8 seemed to love the freeplay in this super huge playroom.

We recommend the following tips to have a good time at The City
  • Go with a buddy or a gang. you will have more fun interacting if you see familiar faces.
  • Do encourage your kids to dress up, Superheros have more fun!
  • The City is like a giant playroom, go with the flow and let the kids dictate the roles they would like to play.
  • The City is suited for birthday parties or class gathering. It is more fun if there are more people in the premises.
  • Watch the kids especially when The City is at full house. It can be quite a mayhem so a watchful eye is good to prevent accidents.

The City is still in its infancy days, we do hope to see some of the following suggestions to be explored in time to come
  • Mini activities in each zone areas for the kids to participate. It could be arts and craft in the classroom, a supermarket shopping challenge or a diaper changing contest in the nursery to give a more structure approach to the playground.
  • Have a 'mentor' in each learning stations. It could be a Postmaster in the Post office, a Teacher in the Classroom, a Chief Surgeon in the Clinic or a Manager in the Supermarket. They could act as introducers to each room and keep law and order amongst the sometimes boisterous kids.The rooms can be messy and chaotic without some form of supervision
  • Remove the mini cars or restrict them to a specify areas. There are instances when the speeding cars almost got into accidents with the kids running around. Even with the presence of little cops failed to deter the speed racers.
Overall we enjoyed our time spend, even though this is not what we initially expected. It was a good 2 hours of fun pretending to do grown up occupations and being  Superheros!
The new Hero in town
The Little Details
If you want your child to be a superhero in the city, visit the city at
The City,
#03-04A Liang Court, 177 River Valley road
Singapore 179030

Opens daily - 10am to 730pm

Under 3 years old - $18
3-8 years old - $22
Babies under 1 and adults are free.

The Wacky Duo were invited to roam the City. No Monetary rewards were given. All opinions are of our own.

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  1. Been there on christmas eve.
    The place is not crowded.
    As per comments above, this is really an area for free play, with no adult as mentors.
    Was quite disappointed with the way they manage this.
    Parents involvement is encouraged if you want your kid to have a good time.
    Do bring along with friends if you want a good time.
    Overall, i find that its just a play area with toys and costums. It does not promote repeat visits.
    Much more improvements needs to be done.