Raising the fertility rate in Singapore

View from Daddy M

A help package to boost birth rate out next year
This is the front page headline on Straits Times over the weekend.

Happy Halloween 2012!

Happy Halloween!
 The Wacky Duo wishes our readers a Happy Halloween!


Pasir Ris Kid's Kampong

Pasir Ris Kid's Kampong
A couple of weeks back , we had a relatively quiet weekend. Daddy decided to bring us to somewhere off the beaten track. Given that it is most probably exam period for primary schools, Daddy reckoned that this place would probably be less crowded.


Bay East Gardens : Gardens by the Bay

Palm Grove @ Bay East
We had been to Bay East Garden twice over the last month.
Bay East Garden is a part of Gardens by the Bay
It is located off Tanjong Rhu Road .
We are ardent fans of the Gardens by the Bay, given our numerous exploits at Singapore's latest attraction.


Lego Batman Visual Dictionary review

My Children's Day Present - LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary
I have a surprise present on Children's Day. I had 'complained' to my parents that Teachers get presents on Teacher's Day but not the children. I was hoping that Daddy would fall into my bait and get me a toy for the occasion. He did not get me a toy specifically but he got me a book that I would most definitely enjoy- LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary.


Da:ns Festival 2012 : Esplanade

Da:ns Festival 2012 : Esplanade
Put on your dancing shoes as Da:ns festival hits town!

About Da:ns festival
Da:ns festival is festival celebrating dance in various forms. There are performance and workshops featuring different dance techniques. Free fringe programmes are also available.
The theme for this festival is ' Dance to Love'


Halloween for Kids : Singapore 2012

Event alert

About Halloween
Billed as the scariest night on earth. It is a night for ghouls of all sorts to roam the earth.

The Wacky Duo prepares a Spooky 13 list of Kids -friendly Halloween party and events, so you can dress up in your spooky best.

Ready to Trick or Treat?


Abrakadoodle : A new term

We blogged about attending Abrakadoodle back in August.

We attended a term of the school and we decided to renew for another term.


Blog stats disappeared!

Blogger user alert

Blog stats ( page views) have been wiped out to zero for most posts. Blogger stats counter have been reset to zero as of about an hour ago.

Not sure if this is a glitch, but it does become an issue especially if your blog stats shows a billion users and suddenly it resets to 1 ( If you listen attentively , you may actually hear some bloggers screaming right now!)

Choosing a primary school in Singapore.

Parenting 101

(Daddy's view)

Choosing a primary school in Singapore

Dearest Sons

Last weekend your mom and I had a discussion.



Talking to kids or hearing the kids talking to each other talk can be hilarious , enlightening and sometime mind boggling.


LEGOLAND Malaysia Miniland

About LEGOLAND Miniland
(Daddy's View)

LEGOLAND Miniland is considered to be the centerpiece of all LEGOLANDS throughout the world. The theme for each park differs from one another. The Minilands would focus on landmarks found in the region that they are situated in. Miniland is called as it showcase mini replicas of landmarks made from LEGO bricks. Some exhibits are said to take more than 1 year to build. Upon entering Miniland, you will feel like you are a Giant within these mini landmarks.


Dr Seuss' The Cat in the Hat Play

The Cat in the Hat
“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.”
-Dr Seuss' The Cat in the Hat


Children's Day Activities 2012 Singapore

To all our peers, tomorrow is Children's Day. We would like to wish all our young readers an advance

Happy Children's Day!

Get your Mummies and Daddies to spend a quality Children's Day weekend with a little help from our Top 10 Children's Day Activities.


Tik Tok Lunatik Review

Tik Tok by Lunatic
Views from Daddy M
 As you may be aware, I had my watch stolen in Bali. From that incident, I learnt that even with travel insurance, you can only claim up to $500 per item for most travel insurance.


Legoland Malaysia Review

 We have gave you the A to Z  Guide of Legoland Malaysia. Now it is time to embark on a full review of Legoland Malaysia.
Legoland Park Map