Marina Bay Countdown 2013 :Fireworks !!!

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013

Happy New Year! XoXo!
Happy New Year !
Giving a warm welcome to 2013 and a fond farewell to 2012.
We spend a whole year awake at Marina Bay to welcome the new year ( yeah it's an overuse corny line but how often can you say it?)

As official bloggers of Marina Bay Singapore Countown 2013, we were assigned a spot at Esplanade to witness the countdown. We arrived on site at about 8 pm to cover the events around Esplanade

Esplanade @ Eight
We managed to find a coveted carpark space at Marina Square before proceeding to the Esplanade. We reckoned we should thank the lucky stars or the lack of it prior to arrival. It was raining cats and dogs since noon and the rain refuse to subside even when we reached the Esplanade.

Esplanade Outdor Theatre
Nevertheless there was already a crowd at the Esplanade Theatre. The Esplanade outdoor theatre was already at full house. There were performances by Shi-Li and Adi as well as film screening of 'What are you grateful for?' If you miss the shows , you can view them here.
Dinner at Simply Peranakan
We decided to have a quick dinner at Simply Peranakan to fill our stomach for the night. We were supposed to be at the Esplanade Rooftop Terrace to view the events. However there was a slight change of plan as there was a private function held there. As a result we did a detour to The Float @ Marina Bay.

Celebrate 2013
The Float @ Marina Bay
There is a Mediacorp event Celebrate 2013 held at the Float. This was a paid event, but it was also telecast live on Channel 5.
Celebrate 2013
It was an eye opener for us. This was the first time we were on the float and the first time we attended a live concert. The atmosphere was electrifying. You could feel that the crowd gathered here are already warm up for the main event later in the night.
Celebrate 2013
We were there for less than half and hour and the skies began to open. It was about an hour more to countdown and we were praying for dry weather. Given that it was mostly clear skies during past new year eve, we were quite unprepared with only a small umbrella on hand. We overheard from the crowd that 2013 will be the year of the Water Snake, thus the mythical creature is showering its blessings on Singapore.

We should have read the horoscope in advance to prepare for this day.
Celebrate 2013
With school starting next week, our parents decided that it is not a great idea to be out in the rain , no matter how fantastic the view is. As you could see, the view is indeed spectacular from the float. We were in awed of the view from The Float@ Marina Bay and we think the fireworks display will be awesome from here. Unfortunately we do not have enough umbrellas to stay there when the sky reopens.

Hopefully we would have the chance to revisit The Float@Marina Bay during National Day.
View from the Float
It's back to the Esplanade to 'escape' from the rain, it seems like we were not the only people waiting for the rain to subside.
Waiting for the rain to subside
Nevertheless we have Jiayi and Elisabeth of the Esplanade team to be thankful for. They had found us a spot indoor at the Esplanade to view the fireworks. Sheltered from the rain , we were contended and decided to stay there for the rest of the evening. Unfortunately, we could not spend the last minutes counting down to the New Year with Daddy. He had to cover the main event, the 8 minute Fireworks from the Rooftop Terrace.
As mentioned earlier, the rooftop was booked by Orgo for a private party. As a result access had been limited for the night. Daddy was however precleared to take photos there during the fireworks.
Esplanade Roof Top
There was Belly Dancing performances at the Rooftop prior to the main event.
Rooftop Belly Dancing
Not to be distracted by this, Daddy quickly located a spot for phototaking.
View from Esplanade
The view from the Esplanade Rooftop is as amazing as The Float@Marina Bay. The colourful array of wishing spheres along with synchronised lightings from Marina Bay Sands and the skylights from the surrounding buildings made it a sight to behold. Daddy was there with a reporter from Xinhua ( Official Press of China) and he also commented that it was a lovely view.

A suggestion from him which Daddy think would be awesome. How about a projection of the seconds to the countdown on Marina Bay Sands or MBFC? That would really light up the atmosphere literally.
Crowd is forming
About 30 minutes prior to the countdown, the crowds are beginning to swell into the Esplanade Waterfront.
1 sec more!
And before you know it, we are into the last second of 2012
Marina Bay Fireworks : The Beginning
And the eye popping 8 minutes long fireworks began.
Marina Bay Fireworks : The Trinity
With a tripod, remote, ISO settings of 200, bulb mode and an aperture of 9, Daddy managed to capture some nice fireworks pictures compared to his first experience at the National Day Fireworks at One Fullerton. Thankfully the rain decide to give us a break to allow us to view the full spectacle ( but not before a drizzle last minute into the new year)

All fireworks are captured on OMD-EMS with a Panasonic 7-14mm Lens with minimal editing.
Marina Bay Fireworks : Celebration
We would most probably submit one of these for the photo competition by Marina Bay. May we have your opinion on which fireworks photo to choose for it?

See above for the video of the Fireworks display that Daddy had experienced. If you cannot view it, check out our YouTube page

As for us, we did our bit in contributing to this post by making our own fireworks video for this event(Video copyright to Charles) Daddy reckoned I could take over the reins of this blog in the future with this credible effort. At least when he saw it, he knew we were watching the same sky and sharing the same moment even though we are technically a floor apart.
Going home
It's time to go home. It was the first time we experienced Human Traffic. With 2 kids and a stroller in tow, it seemed getting back to the carpark across the road at Marina Square a physical and mental challenge. We were initially diverted away to the Pahang and straight to City Hall. We made the decision to detour back to Esplanade and take another way to Marina Square. For most part, the human traffic was orderly with the exception of a crush at the Esplanade connection underground. With the detouring and the human traffic, it took us about 40 minutes just to get to the carpark that is across the Esplanade!

We do hope situation would be better handled in future with signs to state where to go.
Happy New Year!
It's a wrap, we are officially in 2013.
We would like to thank URA and Esplanade for giving us this opportunity to be Marina Bay Singapore Countdown official bloggers. The unique experiences are one of a kind. To be part of the countdown was an exhilarating experience.

To have a quick recap, here are our Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 events. Thanks for staying and taking this journey with us.

If you like what we had documented, do head down to Marina bay Facebook Fanpage and vote for your favourite blogger!

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