Rise & Shine Carnival 2013

Rise & Shine!
Sunday morning 8am.
Most people would just laze in bed on a Sunday morning, except for the 1300 strong families that gather at the Lawn @ Marina Bay for a carnival.

Since we are the blog partners for Rise & Shine, we decided to join in the fun as well!

Packed programme
There was a Yummy Mommy and Yummy Child contest held early in the morning an Daddy was invited to be one of the judge of the contest. (Along fellow parent bloggers, Andy and Debra) It was his first time as a judge and from what he said it was a tough deciding the winner.
The Judge

There were a total of 8 contestants for the contest. One thing that was common amongst the mummies is that they all encourage breast-feeding their babies. Given its benefits in terms of immunity, bonding and cost savings, we agreed with them that breast feeding is best for the babies and should be encourage whenever possible. We think the mummies on stage are already winners regardless of the outcome.
The Yummy Mommy and Yummy Child

Another important point raise during the carnival is the importance of breakfast to kids. 
Breakfast for kids
We are guilty of skipping breakfast or taking food that may not be as healthy as it should be. Our 'crime' was captured below with us having a Macdonald's breakfast at the picnic. I guess having a little deviation for breakfast is acceptable once in a while.
Breakfast time.
On the topic of breakfast, we set another record for being park of the largest breakfast picnic in Singapore.
Stage performances

After breakfast, we decided to stretch our legs to explore the carnival grounds. It is always good to exercise after a hearty meal.
Let's go for a walk
On the way , we met several mascots. First up was Tony the tiger from Kellogg.
Tony the Tiger
From up above, we spotted some stilt walkers.
Stile Walkers
Rise and Shine Carnival was packed with activites for kids. The queues were long but managable. 
The guest of honour for the carnival was Dr Amy Khor, Minister of State in the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower.
Dr Amy Khor
Overall it was a good day for an outdoor picnic. The weather was sunny and windy.
It was a pleasing sight to see so many families gathered around. Spending a relaxing Sunday morning with family is always a plus on our list.
Amazing Crowd @ 8am

It is good to Rise early and enjoy the sunshine when we have the chance to do so.

Fish from Scotts
Rise & Shine had partnered some well known names in the family arena. The main sponsors are S-26, Cordlife, Philips Avent, Scott's, Pigeon and Mindchamps. Do look out for exciting events and promotions from the partners during the main rise and shine expo in September.

For more information on Rise & Shine, do visit their website at  http://www.riseandshine-expo.com/

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