One Month with the LG Optimus G

Google is grass greener on the otherside?
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It has been a month since I had the opportunity to trial the LG Optimus G as LG ambassador. During this one month, I had involved in the LG Optimus G into several of my post via photos or videos. There was even a post that dive right into the features of LG Optimus G.

Over the past one month, me and the boys had a go at LG latest offering to the Singapore Market. Being new to Android for all of us, we were eager to find out what if the proverbial 'Grass is greener on the otherside' lives up to its name.
For today, I will highlight the pros and cons I have gathered over the past month on the use of the phone. As I may no expert in smartphone, do correct me should my analysis be flawed. The observations are base on personal use and experience.


When we first got our hands on the phone, we were amazed by the amount of customisation that we could do on the phone. The combination of animated wallpaper and widgets on the Optimus UI makes the visual appearance of the phone a plus over IOS system. In addition, the ability to customize the icons to your favourite photos takes up personalisation up a notch. With a screen size of 4.7 inch, it makes the current iPhone 4s that I am using a dwarf in comparison.
Check out the 'new' icons
The boys love to pick this phone up over the iPhone. Since their favourite things to do on the phone is watching videos and playing games, it is an obvious choice what they will choose. The only problem is how to share one phone with 2 boys. Expect little fights whenever this phone is off Daddy's hand. A rare occasion I might add as I enjoying checking the latest news on the Internet with the large screen size.
Sorry boys, Daddy needs his toys too.
Even Daddy Matters looks good on the LG

Optimus UI

Lock Screen Options
The first thing that strikes you when using the phone would be the Optimus UI, which is the backbone of this phone. Build over the Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 , the phone has the latest bells and whistles of the android features. Personally I was impress with the unlocking options which includes face recognition. It was definitely miles ahead of the password option found in IOS. Very high tech, very futuristic, very impressive.
Diving deeper into the Optimus UI, there are 2 main features that the phone prides itself in. The Qslide as well as Qmemo.
Qslide allows you to muli-task with selected apps. You could enjoy a video and at the same time surf the net. For those who has a busy schedule , doing such activities may be a boon. As for me, it is more of a 'show off ' feature to friends rather than one that promises daily use. However I do see the potential in such an application when it comes to the right circumstances. ( Such as sending an email while browsing the information for the email on the website)
Qslide @ work
The other feature, the Quickmemo is another useful software that allows you to write while you are on the same page without exiting what you are doing. It's useful for taking down notes that you might need for another apps. For example, it would be good for taking down numbers while you are on the phone. No more need to search for paper and pen or to rely on the rusty memory ( sadly that is what is happening to mine) anymore.
There are many other functions that I had yet to discover with the Optimus UI. Everyday I am learning something new that I could do with the phone. Like a new country waiting to be explored by the traveller, each time I explore the options on the phone, it adds to the buzz I get from using it.

Photo taking

On several occasions over the course of 1 month, this phone has been extensively use for photos and videos. Some of them had made an appearance on this journal as well.
Armed with a specs of 13 mega pixel along with unique camera functions such as Smart Shutter, Time Catch Shots, Live Sots, Cheese Shutter and Low Light Shot NR, this phone looks set to be a point and shoot replacement base on the specs.
They say the lens makes a photograph looks good ( some may disagree and say it is the photographer and not the lens, we leave that debate for another day) and if we just judge the LG Optimus G photo capabilities by that saying, it will fall flat.
From one month of usage, I feel that the LG makes a great instagram camera... when it gets the photo right. There seem to be an issue on auto-focus especially on moving objects and thus photos taken are not as sharp as what the 13 mega pixel promise. For me, the camera works best with food photography, with the close focus range and slightly wider lens gives it a slight edge over conventional cameras. For video capabilities, the phone does well enough to be of comparable standard with a camera. It is able to capture HD videos and the inbuilt video editor makes taking video a breeze to use.If you are looking for a camera replacement, you may be disappointed. If you are looking for a smartphone with additional camera capabilities, the LG Optimus G does the job to a T.


One main gripe about the phone is the way the spellcheck works. I do seem to have a problem with spellchecks on the LG. In some cases, it may lead to embarrassing situations like for example I was trying to tell someone to check out the fanpage and it came off as rampage. Compared to the IOS, I do seem to have less of an issue with it. The issue is not unmanageable and would most likely improve as I get use to the spelling logarithm of the phone.
Someone needs to check the spellcheck!
There are other quirks in the phone that I had discovered. For example, the Internet browser bookmarks interface could be improved and there should be tabs for tab browsing given the screen size. Battery life is also a suspect with the phone lasting only 12-15 hours on light use. The storage space is fix at 32 mb , sufficient for normal use ( I had tons of videos and have no issue with storage), but may not be enough for power users.

In addition, I do wish for certain apps to be improved and up to par with IOS but this more of an issue with Googleplay than with LG Optimus G.

The Verdict

All said and done, it was an enjoyable 1 month spend with the phone. The most throbbing question would be if I would recommend the LG Optimus G to anyone?

In the market, the android phone is dominated by Samsung, with LG , HTC and a host of others vying for a piece of the pie. I would not know how the phone compares to the rest, but in terms of function and speed, it is reckon to be amongst the best in the market.

As for me, the LG Optimus G has effectively replace my old workhorse iPhone as my weekend phone. The reason why I have not use it as the main phone was because I need to iPhone for my work emails during office hours. Furthermore, it would be hard to pry this phone from the boys once they get their little hands on it, so I do need a backup phone in any case.

Oh one more thing...(Apple fanboys are going to hate me for saying this)
I absolutely love the back button found on the phone bezel. After a month of usage, I find myself looking for it on the other phone.

LG - Life's Good.
DisclaimerThe Wacky Duo were given a LG Optimus G for use and review. No monetary reward is given. All technical opinions are of our own and from a non professional pov (read from a layman perspective)

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