May 13, 2013

Daily blog themes


It has been a year of blogs updates for With the influx of events and activities, this journal had been updated almost daily with the exception of weekends.

As time pass, I realised the content of the blog had mostly been ad hoc without a firm direction of what the next post should be. All these time, this has work well for me allowing me to be creative and do spur-of-the-moment posts.

While this arrangement had worked for over the past one year, the idea of flowing creativity can be quite taxing. First I am not engineered to have creative juices flowing endlessly, secondly entries could be quite haphazardly string together for the week creating a mini state of chaos (imagine having 3 playground reviews in a week! )

To cut the long story short, I decided to try a new format in our blogging style. It may resemble a meme but it is not. Rather it would help me organise and manage the entries more efficiently. Think magazine - the individual days would be the different segment of this 'magazine'. Hopefully the end result is that you have a better read and this blog would resemble the journal it sets out to be.
Without further ado, I would like to introduce

Manic Mondays

Mondays are a drag, so it is the best time to reminisce on our fun filled weekend. Expect activities roundup, events reviews and weekend discoveries.

Tuesday Love

Sharing a little bit of us on Tuesday. Focusing on family insights , raw emotions and heartfelt moments.

Wacky Wednesday

Anything Wacky goes here. Oh everything is wacky about the Wacky Duo, so I guess it covers anything under the sun about us. Can't be too strict on rules sometimes.

Techie Thursday

Daddy loves tech. So expect me to gush about the latest Android , iPhone, camera and whatever related to technology that rocks my boat. How I use technology to interface interact with the boys.


It's a Friday, so don't expect too much deep thoughts here as we wind down for the weekend. It could be a event alert, a giveaway or just plain fun

Whimsical Weekend

It's the weekend, and like how we spend it , we go with the flow. There may or may not be entries every weekend. nevertheless should one occur, it would be quaint, amusing or light hearted ( in no particular order)
The categories are in place but that does not mean it will be set in stone. It acts as a guide when we have experiences to share. However on days when the mind stalls, it will be back to the good old days of letting the creative juices flow. After all a tune up of ideas would be useful every now and then.
Till then welcome back to a brand new work week. Have a Manic Monday!

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