Pie-Making @ Pies & Coffee on Mother's Day

Pies & Coffee
It's Mother's Day!
We have a little surprise for Mommy today. I had been invited to a Mother and child pie competition on Mother's Day. So it is a no brainer who I will bring to Pies and Coffee at Rochester mall for this.

It's our first time at Rochester Mall. Pies and Coffee is located on the first floor with a generous outdoor space next to a soothing water feature. Set with lush greenery at a distance, it is a quaint little space to relax and chill.
Pie Making time
Being an avid Baker, both real and play, I was all gearing to go for the challenge.
Pie making tools
Introducing my partner in pie, Mommy!
Being novice at pie-making, we were given a brief by the expert pie maker from Pies and Coffee. It was relatively simple and he took less than 10 minutes to complete the pie.
Lesson time
Joining seven other families, we were brief on the rules before the start. The rules are simple, just have fun, fun and more fun!
Without further ado, we put up our chef mode and get to work!
Check out our pie making process.
Pie Making process
It was a good bonding opportunity with Mommy. Both of us and tons of fun. It was a great way to spend Mother's Day!
A kiss for luck
Back to our pie making, we decided to get a little creative and made our pie 3D with a model of me sitting on the pie. Applying egg on the pie to harden the dough, we complete our work of love.
Our 3D pie
Didi decided to join in the fun as he had missed out on the pie making. After learning from the expert, it was my turn to be the teacher.
The Pie Making Duo
Our pies are ready after 30 minutes. Unfortunately our 3 D idea did not materialise. The heat had melted the boy somewhat onto the pie surface. Instead of a sitting boy, we ended with one that looks like he is taking a nap...

Here is a tip for pie making, make it as simple as you can, the foundation would be the most important as it determines the puffiness of the pie. The deco above make actually make it too heavy for the dough to rise.
Our creations
Given our failed experiment , we did not get first place. Nevertheless spending precious time with Mommy on Mother's Day already made me a winner!

The whole session took about an hour. It was both educational and entertaining for us. As for the pie, we get to take it back home . It was so delicious, that I finished it within a jiffy.
Have a pie!
Didi has missed the bulk of the action. nevertheless he decided insisted to take a solo picture with Mommy on Mother's Day for keepsake.
He might have missed out the pie making action, but he did have the opportunity to make Mommy a heart card and a windmill for Mother's Day. As for me , I did a heart/ flower artwork for her. We did these back when we were in school and decided to surprise her.
Gifts of Love for Mommy
Didi wanted Daddy to promise that he would be the one participating in the next pie-making session. Daddy had no objection to that!With that, it's marks the end of our pie-making session. Thanks to Touch Pr and Pies &;Coffee for arranging this!
Next time it's my turn!
The Little Details
Pies & Coffee
35 Rochester Drive
#01-02 Singapore 138639
Pie & Coffee @ Rochester Mall