6.29 Family Day In

Due to the haze situation, Family day out has been cancelled. Fret not, the alternative to this hazy situation will be Family Day In!

On that day, do spend your time with you family. For those with kids, this will be the last weekend before the start of school. Allow your child to unwind by spending these precious moments with them.

The haze will not keep us in. We will be off to Gardens By The Bay for a visit to the domes. The domes are a great place to venture to during haze, rain, sun or even hailstorms. Here you can enjoy crisp air regardless of the smog situation beyond the glass domes. If you prefer to stay indoors, you may want to cook up a gourmet feast and dine indoors with the family.

Family day out may be cancelled , but do spare a minute for the "6.29 is Family Time movement" . This is when you could call, tweet, text, facebook or simply give your family members a hug. This is a symbolic movement for everyone in Singapore to show the Love for your family at the same time.
We will. Be spending the evening with our immediate family at 6.29. Watch out for our facebook update on June 29th and 6.29pm
Have a great Family Day In today!

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