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From the day when my firstborn was delivered, I was already wondering what kind of child he would be and what attributes he would possess upon adulthood. As parents, we would like to have our children grow up confident, happy and resilient. It is an enduring trial and error process in bringing up a child. More often we have misses rather than hits in our own methods.

When I heard of Health Promotion Board's (HPB)  Colours of the Mind initiative, it piqued my interest. The tool was developed to help parents,teachers and counsellors understand how a child thinks, feels and behaves.
Intro Video : http://youtu.be/6drfRb8Cwlg
With this tool, you could identify aspects of mental wellbeing in a child and use simple activities to build them. We think the objectives of the tool are a welcoming aid for parents to help the child to make positive changes and thus enhance his/her full potential.

Source : Colours of the Mind
The tool is accessible from www.coloursofthemind.sg .

It is designed for children aged 6-12 and can be either taken by the parent or the child. I recommend that you take the test with your child. Initially I had taken the test with what I perceived my child would think, however the results are surprisingly different when he took the test himself. It is interesting to note that what a child perceived himself to be can be very different from what a parent has in mind.

For example, based on the questions and answers in regards to his interactions with his friends, he had given very positive answers whereas I had thought he is more of an introvert. Clearly there was a mismatch in perceptions and this test helped me understand him better.

With an easy interface and cheery pictures, the child can take this test supervised by the parent. With 25 questions, the test should be completed in a comfortable 20 mins.

As mentioned, the result generated from the child's answers varies with what I had perceived him to be. This tool had helped me identify his strengths as perceived by him, thus allowing me to rethink what is a good way to enhance them. In a way, this tool is good to understand your child better and maybe even uncover a gem or two.

There is also a parent's guide provided at the end of the quiz  to build your child's mental well being. In the guide there are activities that you can do with your child, covering positive functioning, social intelligence and emotional intelligence. There are also tips in spotting a distressed child, thus allowing parents to provide early intervention.

Overall, from a father's perspective, I think this is a welcoming tool for parents to use. Do visit www.coloursofthemind.sg to have a go at this tool to assess and help build your child's mental wellbeing.

Source : HPB

HPB will be holding a child mental wellbeing forum where you can get tips on how to boost the mental wellbeing of 6-12 year old children, learn more about the scale and have a question and answer sesstion with a panel of experts

Details are as follows
Venue : 
LASALLE  College of the Arts - Singapore Airlines Theatre1 McNally Street (Bugis / Little India MRT)

Time and Date :
17 August , 2 - 4.30 pm

Details :
Free of Charge 500 Seats

Registration :
Sign up at http://hpb.gov.sg/parentingforum/

(Update 110813 - Registration is now closed!)

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