Electrolux : What's Cookin' Daddy!


Are you a Daddy?

Have you ever step into the kitchen and whip up a meal for your children?
You haven't ?

Fret not, neither has yours truly.

Honestly in my 6 years as a Daddy, the only thing that I 'whip' up is a ham and cheese sandwich for the children. For someone with zero cooking experience, culinary skills has always been a mystery to me . I am blessed to have my mom cooking me generous portions of fine dishes for dinner all these while(Thanks mom!). On special days, the wife would step in to cook as well. With them in charge of the cooking duties, my role in the kitchen is at most the 'dishwasher'.

Ben Yeo : What's Cookin Daddy!
Thus when Electrolux informed me of this new mini series " What's Cookin' Daddy!", it immediately pipqued my interest. Electrolux will be teaming up with MediaCorp artiste Ben Yeo (better known as Ah Ben 杨志龙 )to produce a mini-series of 4 webisodes targeted at young parents. Leveraging on his experience as a father of two and his travels as a host, each 3 minute episode will have Ben introducing simple-to-prepare recipes that even your kids can help out in.

For all Daddies out there who wants to be inspired to step into the kitchen, bookmark the Electrolux YouTube Channe
Watch the Trailer to see what Ah Ben has in store for you for the next few weeks
Egg Fried Rice
As for me, I will be watching each episode and hopefully learn a new trick or two. In the meantime, I will be trying out a 'new' dish since Mommy is overseas for a business trip. The boys' favourite Egg Fried Rice. Hopefully they would like my version that I will attempt to cook for them.
Will Daddy's food taste yummy?

Electrolux Giveaway
Fancy whipping up your own cuisine for kids?
Need some cooking tips?
Join the Electrolux giveaway.

Each week, 5 lucky winners will stand to walk away with Ben Yeo's latest cookbook, "这样煮,宝宝才爱吃" and Electrolux appliances (Toaster, Coffee Machine, Kettle, Stick Mixer). Plus, if you catch every episode, you'll be in the running for the grand prize: An Electrolux Inspiro oven worth S$1199.
Take part in 3 easy steps
Step 1: Watch the week's episode of "What's Cookin' Daddy!"
Step 2: Answer a simple question related to the episode
Step 3: Fill in your particulars and hit submit
Contest Starts 22nd August 2013 and ends 19 September 2013Contest is held at

Facebook app: http://bit.ly/wcd_twd

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