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Wow Art Studio
It had been 3 sessions since I started my lesson at WowArt Learning Studio. The class I had been attending is the Artplay class, meant for ages 2 years 6 months to 4.

Using the scissors
This was suppose to be a drop off class. For the second lesson , there were still one or 2 parents accompanying the children.

Different art methods explored
With Daddy by my side, I gleefully go ahead with my craft work. Using different tools such as rollers and scissors, our 2nd lesson focuses on making a paper marche teapot.

Along the process, teacher Jasmine teaches us the difference between cool and warm colours. After making my paper, it is time to shape them and paste onto our craft paper.

Pasting time
Although I always protest at the beginning of the class, once the class gets going and the craft work begins, I would always follow instructions to a T. Secretly I enjoyed myself very much, even though I hard not to show it.

How do you like my teapot?

The next lesson would be a paper marche of Flower vase. Each lesson is about an hour long. The time is just about right for a class of average 3 years old.

For the third lesson, we would on similar mediums as the teapots. I was once again reluctant to be left alone. Maybe I need a full term to get use to this!

Hard at work
The other children were on their own for this lesson. Without their parents around, it seem that they are more playful. Luckily teacher Jasmine is able to keep their attention for most of the lessons.

Dirty hands!
Arts class usually means getting your hands dirty. There is something special about getting your hands stain or physically do your own craft. It sure beats making Art on an iPad or similar electronic tools.

My Flower vase
For lessons, the process usually begins with an introduction on what is to be done for the day. There will be one or two mini activities before the lesson starts. During lesson, the children are encouraged to complete their own work of arts ( something which Daddy think is good to cultivate at this age ).
Upon completion, the parents are invited in at the end of the class for a 5 minute briefing . They are told what was done or learn and how they could replicate it at home. Daddy think this is a useful mini session for parents to understand what their children learn during the lesson.

There was also a description attached to the artwork to explain what the class was about for the day.

The classroom
The class itself was not big. With 5 students to 1 teacher, it ensures that each child will get their due attention during class.

I still have my little protest at attending class. However as I get use to the class routine, I find myself enjoying the class as it gets along. The challenge would be when I am left on my own. Daddy hoped I can do it before the term ends.

Cross my little fingers, maybe I will surprise him the next time round.

If you are interested in taking a lesson at Wowart, do head down to

200 Upper Thomson Road
#01-10 Thomson Imperial Court
Singapore 574424
Tel : +65 6352 2221
Email : info@wow.com.sg

The Wacky Duo were provided a complimentary semester for review purpose, all opinions are of our own.

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