A Happy week of Birthday celebrations 生日快乐

Thomas from e-creative
A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday. It was a series of celebrations organized by my parents. It was practically a week long, so instead of a birthday , I had a birthweek of celebrations!

Celebrations in school
Our first stop was in school. This being my first year in school , it was my first time celebrating my birthday with my friends. Needless to say I was gleefully happy on this very day. The cake was a Thomas the train cake by e-creative chosen by me!
Here is your cake!
It did not take long to convince me to help in the distribution of the cakes. In fact I was very 'proud' of my special day in school.
The next one will be a celebration with my cousin and family. As T and K are our playmates at Ah Ma house, it was no surprise we can get goofy whenever we are together.
Another celebration!!!
The theme for this celebration is Spider-Man.
Family time
Check out my spidey gear. Coincidentally , My birthday present from T and K are Spider-Man related. I had the Web slinger and a Spider-Man car for presents. Yipee !
Birthday presents
It is another day of enjoyment for me.
Thank you!
The party continues with a surprise cake from Prima Deli.
Prima Deli Turbo
Prima Deli had send us a Turbo cake for my birthday which I shared with my bro. The cake was super yummy! Thanks Prima.By now you would probably think I would have enough of birthday cakes and people singing happy birthday to me over and over again... But...
We r brothers
I was more than elated when I found out there is another party in store for me!
Super party
This time it was relatives from Mom's family celebrated with me.
Superman celebrates
As seen from the smirk smile on my face, I am having a great time!
The Wacky Trio?
What is a birthday without present? I had this awesome train set from Chuggington from my parents. Along with the Melissa and Doug multi activity table, they made an excellent gift for my 3rd birthday!
Can't wait till next year!
Birthday present

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