First Day at Primary School

The day had finally come. After 6 years of unbridled fun, it is time to settle down and take the next step to growing up... a milestone we know as Primary School.

It was a day of anticipation. We had only prepared Big C for school a few days prior by making a few key changes to our daily routine. Adjustments are make to sleeping /waking time and timetable set for studies/playtime.

In reality, we took it quite easy over the past one month. We chose to let him enjoy his last days of 'freedom'. The only 'preparation' we had done was to shop for schoolbag, have a haircut and attended a day of orientation at the school. School work has been non existence for the month of December. Thus it was not surprising that mini parental panic attacks took place a few days before school starts.
With new Impact School Bag
Big C took to the task like a pro. He embraced the change and was looking forward to his primary school journey. Compared to his parents, he was much calmer and cool about going school. It will be a big change for him.
Longer hours, heavy school bags, new friends, new environment, more homework would be the norm. Surprisingly he was sanguine about it and was not resistance to these changes when told about it.

With his school buddy

This is only Day 1.

By Day 2 , the parents of his class had already form a group on WhatsApp. Daily updates on what to bring or do is the norm. That is what I call efficient or scary, depending on how it you view it. Regardless , after a week, we do appreciate the updates especially when the Cool Dude himself omitted some details during his daily 'debrief' session.
Hang on tight... It will be an interesting year ahead!


  1. Looks like yr child is in the same school as my child who is 1 yr older. :)