Letters to sons : Away on business trips

Learning to be a pilot
Letter to sons
Dearest sons

Have you ever have dreams of being a world traveller?

When I was younger , I always yearn to travel. It does not help that my only flight before becoming an adult is a trip to KL ( yes boys, your generation has it better these days) As such , dreams of being up there in the clouds had a domineering presence in my mind. So much so I even had a go at pilot training during my army days. However the stint was unsuccessful as I prefer being a pampered passenger rather than being the sauve pilot.


Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo Review

Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo
Last December, we spent a week In Tokyo. It was a week meant for the boys to indulge in fun. As LEGO is synonymous with FUN for the boys, it was no surprise that LEGOLAND Discovery Center was on our radar during our stay in Tokyo.


The Dangers of blogging (and social media) for kids

It had been more than 2 years since I had made this blog public.

Within 2 years, the blog had gained much exposure. The children have become mini celebrities and do get notice every once in a while. Blogging has opened a lot of doors for us to new experiences. We are thankful to these opportunities that had been presented to us.


Tokyo Disneyland Parades

Disney Resort line
During the Christmas season last year, we visited Tokyo Disneyland. This is one of our 10 attractions for kids in Tokyo.Many would go to Disneyland for their rides . However queues were super long ( even during weekdays) and thus limits the number of rides per trip.


Happy Magic Room @ Hilton Tokyo Bay Review

Hilton Tokyo Bay
The Hotel

Recently during our vacation in Tokyo, we made Hilton Tokyo Bay our home for a week. As part of our itinerary to maximize fun in Tokyo, we decided that a hotel close to Disneyland would be our choice accommodation.


Pasir Ris Swimming Complex : Fun for kids!

Over the CNY holiday break, we decided to pay a visit to Pasir Ris Swimming complex on the Monday where we had off in lieu from school. We had seen the swimming pool from afar before , but did not find the opportunity to try it out.


Wonderful 7

Dearest C

7 years ago on, 2 miracles happened. One, you were born and two I became a Dad. Through these years that had passed, I had learn alot about me through you. It had been enlightening and quite a ride. A wonderful 7 years indeed.


10 (Almost) FREE March School holiday activities for kids in Singapore

It's time for school holidays.

It may only be a week, but there is still enough time to pack in fun for the children during this short break. They say the best things in life are free, so we bring you the top ten free activities to do this coming March school holidays for Kids! Most of the items on the list are free, however there are some that came quite close! Singapore may be the most expensive city to live in, but there are pockets of fun that is FREE around this little country.

It is time to discard the standard events listing and experience real fun.


War of Roses @ Flower Dome

Knight at the entrance
So it begins...
The feud between The House of Lancaster and The House of York climaxes at the Battle of Flower Dome.


Gardens by the Bay March School Holiday Activities : Feed Me!

"Feed Me! "

No we are not hungry , rather this is one of the school holiday program specially arranged by Gardens by the Bay to educate the children this coming March Holidays.