What does it take to be a Daddy Blogger?

If you had followed us for a while, you would have known that TheWackyDuo.com is written mostly be yours truly.

Who am I ?!? 

I am a proud father of 2 boys. Since I am in charge of the posts on this blog, it effectively makes me a Daddy Blogger, a rare breed in today local Blog-sphere. Before I start, I would like to add, these views are my own. Shaped and formed by my humble existence into the world of Daddy Bloggers for the past 8 years.


SG50 Activities : Celebrating Singapore 50th Birthday

SG 50

Singapore will be having a big birthday bash to celebrate 50 years of independence in 2015!

Recently we had our first foray in National Day Parade. It was an event to remember. With patriotic fervour running through our system, we could not wait to see what in in store for next year's milestone event. Thus when we were invited to preview SG50 roadshow, it was a trip we had to make to Toa Payoh hub.


The Complete LEGOLAND Hotel Malaysia Guide

Legoland Hotel opened its doors to public in 2013. It has almost been a year since its opening that we decided to make a trip there.

Guess what?

Better late than never!


Star Wars Miniland @ Legoland Malaysia

'May the force be with you'


The Nightingale Serenades

The Nightingale
'What is it ? The Nightingale? I do not know it at all, and it lives in my empire."

Over the weekend , we manged to catch the musical adaption of 'The Nightingale ' by The Little Company. This one hour plus musical retells the famed fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson.


Our People Our Home : NDP 2014

National Day may hold different meanings to every Singaporean. To some it is a day of celebration, to wish the nation a Happy Birthday. To others it is a day of pride, appreciating the fact that our little nation had grown in strength from its origins as a  fishing village to a modern city state. There are those who reckon that it is just another holiday.

For us, it is a day we celebrate our roots as Singaporeans. On this day , we proudly adorn our Red and White outfits to honour the nation.