Letter to Sons : The Best is not always right

Dearest Son

I am sorry

As your Daddy , I had always wanted the best for both of you. I guess it is an inherent trait in most parents of wanting the best of our children. However in the course of searching for the 'Best of everything', I had forgotten that what I percieved to be Best may not be right for you.


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Tonight marks the eve of Chinese New Year.

As we welcome the New Year ahead, we would like to wish our readers 

May the New Year ahead bring to you abundance of Wealth, Health and True Happiness in the Family.


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Top 5 Chinese New Year family movies

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To help you in your preparation of the festivities ahead, here are our top 5 CNY movies you can watch to keep the families entertain during this period of family gathering. It is time to fire up our favourite Pioneer Home entertainment system comprising of Pioneer VSX924K and BDP170 3D Blu Ray Player for a festive showdown.