Blog Break

We are taking a blog break.
After about 1000 posts over the past 3 years, we need a short break to rejuvenate. After a hectic pace for the past few years, Writer's Block looms around the corner. Thus this break is essential for giving us time to get on track.

There will not be any schedule post for the next 1 week while we take this opportunity to take a (well deserved?) hiatus from blog duties and enjoy our time as a family. It is also time to take a step back and access the blog progress. Hopefully this short absence will allow us to visualise how we would evolve when we do return to the blogosphere.

Do browse about, we are sure that you would find a post that would aid you in ideas with families for this short March holidays. Do keep us in your radars as we would not be wandering too far. Follow us on Instagram as we are most likely to continue to lurk around there.
In the meantime, we wish you and your families a fun and fulfilling holiday!

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