SG50 Jubilee Weekend Guide for Family


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Can you Feel it?

SG50 Jubilee Weekend will kick off in one week’s time. Together with the symbolic National Day Parade, this super long 4-day weekend promises an indulgence of activities to celebrate Singapore 50th birthday. Here is the ultimate guide to the activities and events held especially on this Jubilee Weekend for families to enjoy that I have selected, based off the Celebrate SG50! App (download for iOS or Android). They have been split into “free”, “ticketed” as well as “special discounts” for your easy reference.

It is time for a celebration like no other! 


SeaWorld Whale Watch Review

Sea World Whale Watch
It's whale watching season again!

Whale Watching in Gold Coast is back. From June to November, the waters of Gold Coast transform to become the Humpback Highway. Since we were there during the June holidays, we decided that this will be our de facto highlight of the trip.


LEGO Rebuild your memories SG50 @ Raflles City

Source: LEGO

LEGO has recently concluded a competition where Singaporeans can rebuild their memories with LEGO Bricks. The competition was held specially for SG50 and the winners had been selected.

The winning creations are now on display at Raffles City Shopping Mall (level 1) from 10 to 20 July, and at Raffles City Atrium (level 3) from 21 - 30 July 2015. Featuring original works from LEGO fans age 6-51, this is a treat for local LEGO fans.

Here is a sneak peek at the winning entries.


Best Place to watch NDP Fireworks

NDP Fireworks is back!

As Singapore is celebrating her 50th Birthday, the fireworks for this year promises to be extra special. To kick-start the event, SG50 presents a spectacular aerial display that is unprecedented in Singapore.

Here is a guide to the dazzling aerial and fireworks display for this coming National Day. In addition, we will show you the best places to catch this year NDP fireworks. Fret not even if you do not have tickets to the NDP show, the 'performances' in the sky will literally soak you with the spirit of celebration.

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Top Popular Family Blogs in Singapore

Why this list ?
A little background... we were recently featured in Johor Kaki Top 50 Singapore Food Travel and Lifestyle blogs. Surprisingly we were number 18 on the list. Woo Hoo! Guess that meant someone is reading our blog. The list had piqued our curious minds and we decided to make a similar list for the category we are most familiar with - Family Bloggers!


Gold Coast for Kids : Top 12 Attractions

Gold Coast for kids
If you had been following us on Instagram, you would have seen our escapades to Gold Coast attractions during our July holidays. That was our 3rd consecutive year in Australia and our official first self drive trip. Being a free and easy tour, we managed to cover a wider region in Gold Coast to bring you this list of activities for kids in Gold Coast.

If you had missed our earlier editions of Holidays for kids in Australia, simply click on the following links to catch up.

Without further ado, we bring you the top 12 activities in Gold Coast as experienced by us.


Changi Recommends Oveseas Travel Wifi Router Review

Hello Gold Coast
When it comes to travelling, the one thing we look out for is connectivity. As much as we would like to have a gadget free holiday, sometimes it is necessary to have internet access aboard. There are many ways to get connected overseas. You could use your own local plan, an overseas sim card, hotel wifi or free wifi found in selected malls and coffee shops. All these options are great, if you do not mind paying an arm or a leg for local plan, spend time hunting for a SIM card (not to mention the need to carry an extra phone), having slow access or drinking lots of coffee for free wifi.
Thankfully there is a gadget you can get from Singapore to solve all that.... The Changi Recommeds Overseas Travel Wifi Router