Spices of Life

It had been quite a while since Daddy Talks. In the midst of juggling family, work and blog, there had been lesser of such posts from yours truely in regards to life in general. Every other post in recent months was about an event, a product review or a food review.

Don't get me wrong, these sponsored posts were great experiences for us. However it had dictated the direction we took and made us *aghast* commercialized ( A taboo word in blogging as I was told ). As a result, posts about family life got buried underneath and became a rarity.
Personally , I would love to increase the frequency of family related posts. It could be an observation of a child growing up, decisions a daddy faces in life or simply a spontaneous post with roots on family affairs. In all honesty , writing such post is never easy, at least for me. I have to get inspired by a situation or drain my emotions into the post to make it work. To continuously write such post would mean that I need to get either 'high' all the time or be prepared to burn out in double quick time.

Neither situation is favored in my book.

Instead, as author of this blog, I felt a tweak is necessary. Going forward , the blog will include more personal insights that will add balance to what we set the blog to be... A family lifestyle journal. Posts about events or products will still take center stage as this blog was meant to showcase the lifestyle of families in Singapore. To add a little spice, a section called Spices of Life will replace Daddytalks. It will be topics that relate to fatherhood, observations of life and anything in between.
Time to add a little flavour to the blog!