I want to be REGULAR

'' I want to be regular "
The words uttered by my older son during one of our game of badminton.


The ulitmate family vacuum cleaner : Dyson v8 Fluffy


How to make vacuum cleaning a family activity?

The first Vacuum cleaner was created since 1860. It was one also the first cordless vacuum in history that is powered by hand. Since then, vacuum cleaners had evolved and many makers came into the market trying to gain the lion share of the market.


Self Drive Holiday Perth Blog : A Week Long Adventure

The Wacky Duo
Best. Holiday. Ever

The title would probably be reserved for places like skiing on the snowy Swiss Alps, relaxing on the beautiful sandy beaches of Maldives, a culture filled trip to Europe, or anywhere with Disneyland for the kids. To associate it with Perth would be far fetch in most eyes, especially since Perth was named as one of the 10 worst cities on the planet!


Mcdonald's New Singapore Menu : Don't Say Bo Jio!

Move over Samurai Burger, there is a new burger in town and it not a beefy pushover.

Mcdonald's had been introducing different variants of its menu overseas. There were past renditions in Singapore such as beef and chicken satay burger and beef rendang burger. This year, Mcdonald's had decided to release not one but 5 local versions from it's menu.  It is innovative, but does it pass the discerning local taste test?


SRT The Three Little Pigs Preview + Giveway

Source : SRT The Three Little Pigs Chinese Production
"Little pig, little pig, let me come in."
"No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin."
"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in

Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?


NEW Marine Cove @ East Coast Park : Playground and Restaurants Guide

After a 4 years hiatus, Marine Cove opens its doors to public once again.

If you had been to the old Marine Cove, you probably remember Mcdonald's, a bowling alley, a mini amusement park with claw machines (where I learn my trade) and a wide array of restaurants. This was the most happening spot in East Coast Park during its heydays. Thus when the time came for it to be demolished, there were heartaches all around Singapore.


Tips on Choosing a Sunscreen for kids

# Adv
Extracted from The Asian Parent

What is the one essential item you need for kids in Singapore for outdoor play?

Answer :