May Day (Long weekend) activities for the families

May day long weekend is around the corner.
Since it is a long weekend, let's not waste it especially when there are activities to do and places to discover. Kids will probably be using this time to prepare for exams, but a day break from the rat race will be welcoming for both kids and adults alike.
May Day may be known as labour day, but we would rather play than labour anyday!


PSLE Changes : Changes and concerns

I had just attended my son's education merit award ceremony and it had got me thinking about the primary school system. Primary school is the foundation of a person's learning abilities and there had been constant debates about the current system. PSLE scoring system had been a point of contention and a source of stress for both students and parents. In reality, having a primary school going child will usually mean not enough time for both parents and students on a daily basis. Add the stress of PSLE, the pressures intensify.


Tokyo Travel Blog : Top 20 Family attractions in Tokyo

Word TOKYO over Skyline of Tokyo Cityscape with Tokyo Tower, Japan - Source : ShutterStock

Tokyo had been our choice holiday destination for the past 4 years during the  December school holidays. For us, it is an understatement to say that Tokyo is a very kids friendly destination.

Want to spend a holiday at Tokyo with kids but do not know where to start?