Adieu 2016 : A Blog Recap

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2016 had come and go.

Another year had gone past us. Time may fly by us, but not the memories. Here is a recap of what we had done in 2016


Best Place to watch New Year Eve Fire Works : Countdown 2017

The Wacky Duo

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One more week to new year eve. Since New Year Eve is on a Saturday and you have a long weekend thereafter, it is the perfect excuse to head to Marina Bay to watch the New Year Eve Fireworks.

Guess where is the best place to catch the Fireworks in Singapore?


USS Santa's All-Star Christmas : Sneak Peak

USS Santa All Stars

Having been to last year's USS Santa's All-Star Christmas, we knew we just had to be back this year.
Initially we wanted an earlier trip, but due to our holidays overseas, time is a limited commodity. Still we managed to pay a visit last night thanks to our semi annual pass we bought on our last staycation.
There is still at least a week more to enjoy the festivities. So if you are heading down, this is what you would expect!


Star Wars Jedi Training @ Disneyland Hong Kong

Jedi Training :  Trials of the Temple

 “Fear is the path to the dark side.”

Our last trip to Disneyland HK brought us some new interesting finds. Star Wars has expanded its universe in Disneyland and has now taken over Tomorrow land. With the force strong in Disneyland HK, we had to hone our Jedi skills to prepare ourselves for battle. Our first stop was at the Jedi Training : Trials of the temple , a newly open attraction for 2016.


Loosen the knots with Foam Rollers from PRIMERO Fitness

Do you run regularly or do aerobic exercises?

Do you feel your muscles all tie up in a knot after an exercise routine?

Foam rollers may be the key to loosen up the muscle knot.


A Sparkling Christmas @ Hong Kong Disneyland

The Wacky Duo

Hong Kong Disneyland was our first Disneyland we explored back in 2009. Since then we had been shuttling between Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, Our last visit to HK Disneyland was back in 2014. After a hiatus of 2 years, we are back to celebrate 'A Sparkling Christmas' at HK Disneyland.


8 Staycation destinations in Singapore

The Wacky Duo

Scratching your head for a staycation in Singapore?

A staycation is a great way to rediscover Singapore. It allows us to see Singapore through the eyes of a tourist. For recommendations on things to do, we always read fellow bloggers experience. At times we would use travel portals such as Expedia.com to discover new attractions or a new experience around Singapore. The location of the staycation would be dependent on what we would like to do for the staycations.


How to make a Pizza @ Atmosphere Bistro and Pizza making Workshop


Want to make a Pizza? 

Pizza is probably the favourite food for 99.99 % of kids if they have their way. The Wacky Duo are no exemption, they love to eat Pizza and love it even more to make it themselves. In fact we had attempted our own homemade Pizza in the past. Thus when the invitation for Pizza making workshop comes along from Atmosphere Bistro and Bar @ East Coast Park, we simply could not resist.