TLC ' A Peter Rabbit Tale ' Review

Credit :  SRT

When your little ones thinks that other families are better than your own , bring them to watch A Peter Rabbit tale. This heartwarming musical tale that will remind them that grass it not always greener on the other side .


Alpensia Ski Resort :Holiday Inn Review

Holiday Inn Alpensia
We want to see snow.

That was our main plan for planning a holiday in December. Scanning the world map and local temperature, we figured that South Korea will be a good bet to achieve our aim. After deciding on the country, we chose Holiday Inn @ Alpensia Ski Resort as our snow destination .


The Lego Batman Movie review : Is everything still awesome?

All great reviews start with a black background.  Since this review is base on The Lego Batman movie , do not expect it to be Pulitzer  stuff. Thus the Yellow background with a bit of black.


Protect your eyes with 3M P1610 LED Polarizing Light


Protect your eyes with light.

If you have school going kids, you would know that homework is their best friend on most school days. As much as one would like all homework to be done immediately when they are back from school, there are always days when work will spill over to the evening.


Sending your love with Flowers on Valentine's Day : What does the number of roses mean?

Flowers from Noel Gift

Love is in the air.

Valentine Day is around the corner. For many couples , this day will be a special day to celebrate with your love one ... along with First Date Anniversary, Wedding Anniversary , Birthdays and you get the point. In fact, everyday should be Valentine Day. The only difference is that on this day, everyone would have the perfect excuse to celebrate Love on the same day. The whole world is practically in love on this date.


Head injuries in kids : First hand experience

A couple of weeks ago, the family got an experience that we would rather not have. It is common for families with kids to experience injuries in children. Head injuries are pretty much a common occurrence. Till a few weeks ago, the family was spared from this occurrence.

Then it happened.


SRT A Peter Rabbit Tale Preview + Giveway


Our favourite theatre group in Singapore , The Little Company by SRT is hopping off with new production - A Peter Rabbit Tale from 24 Feb.

If you have not been to an SRT performance, this year will be perfect to start. From our past reviews, TLC production is tailored made for kids from age 2 -12 . Comprising of witty song and dance , updated versions of classic tales and a knack for connecting with audience, TLC performances are what we look forward to at KC Arts Centre.