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Who are We? is a family blog comprising of a nucleus of 2 boys, Dad and Mom. We are ordinary Singaporeans with a perchant for sharing life journey and experiences. In a nutshell, we are  ordinary folks trying to have a tiny voice in this vast universe. Social influencers we do not profess to be ... rather we are content creators, sharing stories a that had a place in our heart.

Throughout the years, had grown in readership and was recognised in Singapore and beyond. In 2016, we were included in the top 100 parenting blogs across the world. The New Age Parents deemed us as one of Singapore favourite Daddy Blogger in 2014. Prior to that Little, Steps Asia named us as one of Asia Best Mom and Dad blog in 2013 and Singapore Blog Award selected us as one of Singapore top family blog in 2012. In between, we were handpicked as the Official Blogger for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013, National Family Celebration 2013, Rise and Shine 2013 and  NTUC U family Champion Blogger 2012.  Our posts had also been featured in Weekender, The New Age Parents, The Asian Parent, Yahoo and more. Refer to In the news for more info.

Our guess is that we might have done something right to warrant the recognition. In honest truth, we are still figuring out what we specialise in as we covered anything under the sun on family matters. In a muddled way, we evolved to what we are today, a Rojak complication of family lifestyle in Singapore. 

Why are we occupying this space on the Internet?

The blog is set up as a personal blog that is meant to share our personal experiences. Our focus is on family-friendly events, activities and travel. We are not a company and have no intention to be one. Our reviews are usually at our own expenses and 100 % our own efforts. Realistically, without an unlimited budget, it is impossible to keep the blog current. Thus welcomes sponsorship to co-share an informative family related post. As sponsorship are subjected to taxes, collaboration will be carefully chosen to take this into account. Paid endorsements are discouraged as we would like our reviews to be base on real life experiences.

All sponsored post in part or full will be labelled as SPONSORED REVIEW. All other posts that do not have the labels are fully funded at our own expense.

With a blog following of average 70000 monthly page views, the blog is among the Top 3 most read Family Blogs in Singapore. We are recognised as one of the top 20 Food Travel and Lifestyle blogs in Singapore. Being 100 % INDEPENDENT and self-funded, we do consider this as a minor achievement.

The blog is a hobby to us. We choose to be agency free as we do not seek to monetize our blog. Our aim is to bring you an unbiased view base on our personal experiences. As of 2017, is the Number One 'Non-agency related' Daddy Blog in Singapore in terms of readership.

Be a part of The Wacky Duo FAMILY. Get in touch with us today, drop us an email here.For sponsors and enquirers who like to work with us, we strongly recommend you to read our post on ' Blogging for Free or Fee' on our collaboration expectations.



  • Featured in Dads For Life Toolbox
  • Dulux Challenge - The ColouristsAward
  • The New Age Parents Top 5 favourite Daddy Bloggers
  • The New Age Parents Father's Day Special Feature

  • Little Step Best of Mom and Dad Blog 2013
  • Rise and Shine Official Blogger
  • National Family Celebration Official Blogger
  • Garden Angels (Gardens By the Bay)
  • Co-Founder Daddy Matters


  • Singapore Blog Awards : Best Family Blog Finalist
  • Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 Official Blogger
  • U Family Blog Champion
  • Marina Bay Ambassador
  • I Love Children Endorsed Blogger

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