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In the beginning

In the Beginning

The Creation of  our baby...
This is  baby own personal space.
Baby was created in Gold Coast Australia July 2006

<Update -2012 >

Welcome to the official virtual home of the firstborn - Big C and his partner in wackiness Little Lou
We hope that you enjoy your stay with us as we archive our life journey in this virtual journal.
We officially became  on April 2012

To Read more about us , visit

The Wacky Duo Bio

The  blog has since made some changes since the day it was created.
Other than the obvious name change, the clan added a new family member into the mix in 2010.
In addition, these babies have a name for themselves. There are other changes as well and it is only the beginning. We started off as a personal diary Big C and today it has evolved into a Family Lifestyle Journal, showcasing the latest family lifestyle trends and events.

We will share our adventures in Singapore and beyond. aims to inspire all parents to have fun with their kids. For those without, hopefully through reading about our adventures, we may inspire you to embark on the wonderful journey known as parenthood.  We are pro-family and aim to spread the joy of family life through our virtual home.

We hope you have a good time at
Do visit us as we would update our adventures regularly on the blog.

Now back to our adventures!

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