Big C Birthday @ PizItalia East Coast Seafood Center

East Coast Parkway
We celebrated big C  birthday at PizItalia. C turned 5 on 12th March . PizItalia is located at East Coast Park Seafood Center. We chose the place as we heard that there was an indoor playground for kids in the premises. The place is easy to spot. It is the only Italian joint nested at the corner amongst the 'well known' Seafood Eateries . It is located next to Little Red house. A little lost perhaps?

Where is the Dino?
We are supposed to look for a Dinosaur and we were greeted by a moving Tyrannosaurus! Mr T seems to have escaped from Hollywood film , 'The Lost World'.

Actually we were not too far off. We had a pleasant chat with the owner Chris from France ( With Italian blood from Mom) . The dino was specially made in USA and imported to Singapore.
Chris was a great host and a father of 5. He knows what it feels like bringing kids out for a meal and thus designs his restaurant to cater to family with kids . From my view, this is the single largest indoor playground in Singapore with a true blue restaurant at the helm (As opposed to indoor playground with 'mini' cafes) If the concept takes off, Chris may set by a chain in Singapore. Chris is not new to the restaurant business in Singapore , his first outlet is VivItalia at Courts Megstore Tampines.

Smile before we are eaten alive!
The restaurant front is divided into 3 areas. Adults, Kids and Family
 Don't worry about the Dino, it only eats Pizza

The Indoor Playground
Here is what we came for... the indoor playground. It is well equipped with a big ball pit. It is 4 stories tall and probably can fit in 30 to 40 kids at one go before it gets too crowded. There is just one slide there, but the kids are determine to play in it

I love playground!
The birthday boy enjoyed himself at the playground

Come join me!
His brother loves the ball pit as well. Don't forget to bring your socks! Otherwise socks cost $3 a pair

Sitting down to Eat
It's Dinner time. We had the classic Italian food like spaghetti, pasta and pizza. Pizitalian also serve some Asian food like Fried Rice (which we had) and a special dish called Italian Chilli Crab (We are not prepared for Crab that day). If you are interested in Crabs, they have a one for one from Monday to Thurs for a limited time only.

Overall the quality of the food was good and not overwhelmingly Italian.
Price wise was at $55 for 4 dishes (20% discount with SCB Infinite Card)

Aeroplane birthday cake
We also have a birthday cake with an areoplane (since we are at East Coast and can see areoplanes from where we were) for C

It's a little small as he already had an official birthday cake 2 days ago

Monkies @ Work

Family Photo
We had a great time in PizItalia. Will revisit the place soon! We had the honour of Chris giving us an 'exclusive' tour of the kitchen. We must really try their Italian Chilli Crab cooked with Italian Herbs one day!

In the meantime , if you can explore their website at for more info. They are located at
East Coast Seafood Centre
1204 East Coast Parkway
#01-06 Singapore 449882

5pm - Midnight on Weekdays
12pm - Midnight on Weekends

Mini Tour aound Pizitalia
Thanks Mom and Dad for the great day!
As for the birthday boy, he had turned five and make some resolutions for his birthday. From today he will
1) Feed himself
2) Walk himself
3) Go Tian Xia for Chinese Class

Happy Birthday Big C. Hope you had enjoyed your special day!


  1. Hello, you will be glad to read that PizItalia is now also open for breakfast on Sat, Sun and PH. We serve breakfast from 9AM till 11.30 AM. Our promotion for this new offer is : All you can eat buffet for $8++ / adult and $5 / kid. French and Italian Breads, French Croissant, excellent Jams, Cereals, butter, coffee, teas, juices, milk and chicken / century eggs porridge. In addition, I cook in front of our guests Banana Caramel / Apple caramel. I explain and show how we cook it... a great family breakfast while kids go mad in JuraKids, our playground. Cheers, Chris from PizItalia - East coast Seafood Centre - near the new Mc Donnald. on

    1. Thanks Chris! Gives us another reason to visit you again !