Chan Brothers Japan tour : Pretrip

I am Ready
Our Japan trip starts on 21 03 . We took a tour with Chan Brothers.
There were 16 of us in the tour. (6 from our group and 10 others)
Since we are a small group, there is no local guide to bring us to Tokyo

 It was already way past our bedtime (Check in at 11am) , but we were wide awake for our trip

We flew with ANA . Our first flight on ANA.
Tip for parents with infants (below 2) , airlines will only offer bassinet seats if the child is below 10kg. We told the staff Little Lou is about 11kg and was rejected a bassinet seat

Big C has his own luggage
HE was knocked out before the flight. L was still wide awake!
 Since we had some time, we bought Louis to explore Changi Airport Terminal 2

Time to go!
The flight was quite smooth. Big C has no problem sleeping on the plane ( after all the boy is a season traveler and had been on planes for almost 20 times) . Little L was a little tougher as he has to sleep on Daddy lap (he was on infant price). However we managed to find an empty seat much later in the flight and the little one managed to have some decent sleep hours before arrival

Next Stop :  Japan!

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