Japan Day 1 : Osaka

Sakura Tunnel?
We were hoping for Sakura season in Japan. Unfortunately we are about 2 weeks early.
I guess we have to use our imagination!

 First Stop : Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle
It was a brisk 20 minutes walk in to the castle compound. We spend about 30 mins there. We did not managed to get into the castle

 Louis 1st Cold Trip. He was quite amazed by how cold he felt
Osaka Castle

The Castle

Charles finally woke up from his slumber and pose for pictures. We basically stayed in the compound and took some photos.

Washing area
It is a tradition to wash your hands before entering a castle / temple in Japan
This is the washing area.

Ice Cream
We had ice cream in the cold. It was quite refreshing! In fact I think we had ice cream everyday during the trip!

Hotel Osaka Baytower
We checked in at Hotel Osaka Baytower for the night. We had a quick dinner around the hotel and its back to bed!

The room is quite small , there was no space to run around. However they managed to fit 2 decent size single beds there and it is good enough for sleep!

The view from the hotel was very good. We can also see the Ferris Wheel (in Blue) from our hotel room. There are lots of Ferris Wheels in Japan . They are more like larger versions of the Ferris wheel in carnival rather than the Singapore Flyer version.

Night View

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