Japan Day 2 : Kanazawa

Sleeping on the bus
We took a 3 hour bus ride to Kanazawa. We will be doing some sightseeing in that area tomorrow

Hotel Acty
We stayed in Hotel Acty for the night. The hotels are getting smaller and smaller. We even have a toilet that looks like it was inspired by an aeroplane toilet
Aeroplane Toilet

Bundled up
 Being typical Singaporean, we decided to go for some 'shopping' around our hotel before dinner
Louis and Ah Gong
 It was really cold, so cold that i completely freeze
 On the other hand, Kor Kor remains cool
Shopping Center
Somehow we ended at a department store toys section. We spotted a shirt with 'Charles' embossed on it. Guess what? Daddy and Mommy bought it! After a short while, we handed back to the hotel for our Crabby dinner!

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