Japan Day 1 : Travelling

Landed at Narita!
C and Ah Ma
We reached Japan after a 7 hours flight , however our tour has not started yet!

We are travelling with Ah Gong and Ah Ma for this trip. Our 'aunties' are not around , so its just Mommy and Daddy for the whole trip!

We took an hour bus ride for our connecting flight to Osaka

 There was some time in the airport so we decided to have our first Japanese Meal
I don't think it will be our last for the trip :P

Beef Udon


Where we ate

 It's always tough to get a family photo, especially when C decided to unpose himself.

Finally after 16 hours of travelling (Equivalent to a flight to Europe) . we are ready to explore Japan!
During this tour, we will be travelling to quite a few places. We will start with Osaka, Kyoto, Kanazawa, Mt Fuji and finally in Tokyo.

Let the fun begin!

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