Japan Day 3 : Kanazawa

Breakfast at Acty Hotel
Today we start off the day with breakfast at Acty Hotel. It's the hotel that w stayed in
We had a set meal today. This is how is looks like...

Set Meal
 Not exactly the tastiest of dish, but I guess it will do

 We even managed to get a family photo at the restaurant

 I reluctantly pose... perhaps I have not enough sleep :P

However I was much more awake and clowning around with Louis

Next stop we are going to the Omicho Market in Kanazawa
Omicho Market (近江町市場, Ōmichō Ichiba) has been Kanazawa's largest fresh food market since the Edo Period. Today, it is a busy and colorful network of covered streets lined by about 200 shops and stalls. While most shops specialize in the excellent local seafood and produce, you can also find flowers, clothing, kitchen tools and more on sale. (Source : Japan Guide)



Exploring the market

Next Stop, we went to Kenrokuen Garden
It is supposed to be Japan most beautiful landscape garden. However with only 30 mins, we did not wander far...

Goofing in the rain
 It was actually raining too at the time when we visit the garden

Cool Charles
I did managed to catch a minute of sunshine

Garden explorers
 Most of the time, I did the navigation. I told Mommy I wanted to go to Singapore??

Big Ice cream
 I think the favourite part of the trip was the ice cream

Our Lunch
I don't really like the lunch set they provided for us. However compared to my last Japan trip, I did managed to eat Udon and Soba. Noodles are my favourite food now.

New Friend
We even managed to make a new friend during trip. His name is Jervious (age 4) and is part of our tour group

Next stop : Snowcity (Shirakawa-Go Village)

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