Lunch at Orchid Hotel (Tanjong Pagar) - aka Big C birthday Celebration Part 2

Porridge Buffet
Big C birthday celebration continues.. Part 2 at Orchid Hotel . Porridge Buffet at only $15 nett!

Orchid Cafe
Food Fight?
There was not much variety of food there. Nevertheless it should fill one's stomach as the food is healthy. Moreover there are spaces for kids to move around so this is better than our usual porridge place at Orchard Hotel

Say Ah!!
Xiaver and Louis
Charles and Wai Por
Wai Por, Yeye, Jinxuan, Jinyang, Jinwen, Xiaver and aunties and uncles were there. It was quite a while since we had  meals as a family outside. It was fun!

Louis and Mommy
Charles and Mommy

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