Pizza Making at Pizza Hut

At Bedok Pizza Hut
Today Dad bought me to Pizza Hut Bedok for a special Pizza Making Workshop for Kids

Waiting ... waiting... waiting...
 We were the first to arrive! We had to wait about 25 mins before the workshop starts
Chef C
 Each of the kids has a special Pizza Hut Apron. We are mini Pizza Hut Chef for the day!
Daddy and C
 It's also a special day out with Daddy
Here we go!
First we had a mini story telling by the marketing head of Pizza hut Jasmine. Next we proceed to a tour of the kitchen. Adults were not allowed in the kitchen
Chef Charles preparing for his Pizza
After the tour , our Pizza making workshop began!
With a little help from the 'Big boss'
 I have some help from the restaurant manager in my Pizza. It should taste extra special as I had help from the Big boss herself
My personal pan pizza
 Most of the time I added the toppings myself. We are making a Hawaiian pizza, so we had the following ingredients. Dough, sauce, cheese, ham, pineapple, chicken and mushroom. We put them on the pizza in that order
The making of a hawaiian classic pizza
 This is how the pizza look like as we progress
Special Arrival
 Next the Pizza was taken to the oven to bake. In 15 minutes, this arrive!
Hawaiian Pizza
 My Personal Pan Pizza!
Looks yummy!
 Another look

 I decided to try a piece of my Masterwork. It sure taste yummy!
Big Bite!

'Award' Ceremony host by Jasmine
 In the end, we received a goodie bag, a certificate and a picture. We get to keep our apron too.

Thanks Pizza hut. I had a great time learning how to make my first pizza. Looking forward to more events in the future!

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