Japan Day 5 :Disneyland

Rosy Cheek!
It's Disneyland today! We had about 6 hours for Disneyland today.
This is my second trip to Disneyland. I was at  Disneyland HK last year.

Me and Grandparents
We arrived at Disneyland at about 10am and was supposed to leave by 4pm. Hopefully we can play what we want during this trip as this was supposed to be the highlights for us kids. This is also grandparents first trip to Disneyland

I waited with eager anticipation as I loved Mickey since Mommy bought us to Disney on Ice

 We managed to take a photo with Goofy and got some souvenirs as well

Mickey Mouse
The Wizard
Our First stop is It's a small world

It's a Small World
It was so crowed that it took us 30 mins to get in. In HK, we could just walk in straight without waiting.

It's Japan school holidays, so the wait for rides are pretty long. Kor Kor favourite Buzz lightyear takes about 2 hours to get in . Even the Carousel is a one hour wait!

I am more aware now compared to the last time and my eyes were wide open during the boat ride

Scrooge and us!
Our next stop is toontown where Kor Kor managed to take a ride at Roger Rabbit crazy car after 1 hour wait!
Roger Rabbit
 Kor Kor enjoyed himself as well

We managed to go for one more attraction Captain EO before the time is up.
The timing was so tight that we did not even get to explore the other parts of the park.

Captain EO
It was time for the parade and me and Kor Kor are looking for good seats to view the parade

Looking for a spot

Long neck
I was so eager to see the parade that I stretched my neck for a good minute to try to catch a glimpse of Mickey

The Parade
It's time to head back to the hotel for some last minute shopping. It was quite sad that we did not do much more in Disneyland due to the crowd.  Hopefully we could come back again the next time to explore the park.

Later in the evening we headed to Shibuya for some Tokyo Shopping for kids clothes. We ended up in Gapa again!

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