Japan Day 4 : Mount Fuji

We started off the day with a walk outside the hotel to see snow! Me and Mommy loves the snow

Wacky Duo
First, the Wacky Duo will have their breakfast

We have buffet for today

L all suited up
Our first activity for the day will be strawberry picking

Tour bus
The tour bus bought us to a strawberry farm

Strawberry Farm

 I am all ready to go!

 So is Lou!

My first Strawberry pick
We were bought to an indoor strawberry farm. There were rows and rows of strawberries to pick. We were allowed to pick for the first 3 rows. The catch is that w have to eat whatever we catch!

Lou picking his first strawberry
Lou is also having a go at the strawberries

Got it!
and he managed to pick one!

Milk time
Next stop is Mount Fuji.
Lou is having his milk break on the bus.
We had a pit stop at Lake Ashi for phototaking.
The weather is very good. We can see Mount Fuji in its full glory!

We managed to take a quick stroll along the river. However the most interesting part of this place is still the Mount Fuji view.

Walking along the river
Pavement Sign
Look for this sign is you want a good photo of Mount Fuji.
This is what it will turn out. 

Mount Fuji
 Next it is up to Mount Fuji. Due to the weather , we can only go up to the 4th station. There was not much of a view there...
4th Station
Nevertheless I did managed to squeeze in some snow time!

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