Japan Day 4 : Mt Fuji

Hakone Peace Park
After our descend from Mount Fuji, we headed to Hakone Peace Park. We were suppose to view the Buddha relic tower there. However due t time constraint, we could not travel up to the tower.
Instead we were greeted by a row of Sakura trees and a great view of Mount Fuji


Mount Fuji in the background
At least for this trip, we managed to see some Sakura and experienced snow. So it's a 'win win' situation for us. Nevertheless , we should make another trip here during the Sakura season as I would imagine it to be beautiful walking along the Sakura trees.
White Sakura

Row of Sakura blooming

Ah Gong an Louis

Lone Sakura Tree
Our next stop is Gotemba Factory Outlet . Although the place is only 10 mins from the Peace Garden, it took us almost 2 hours to get there due to traffic! As a result we only have an hour and a half to eat and shop compared to our initial 3 hours given. I think the time is too short and we only ended with with a pair of Gap jeans for Louis
Gotemba Factory Outlet

Branded Goods there!
It took us another 3 hours to reach Tokyo
We stayed at New Otani Inn for the night
New Otani Inn
 Our rooms are tiny but modern.
Hotel Room
There were a few nice looking restaurants around the hotel. However last orders are at 9pm.
We only managed to reach there at 910pm and thus no dinner for us!
We ended up with takeout from the Supermarket
Japanese Restaurant


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