Japan Day 6 : Going home!

At the airport
The end of our trip and the end of the epic posts on Japan
A quick review on the Chan Brothers Tour from Daddy's perspective

Our tour leader Moa Moa (From HK) met us at Narita Airport to start our trip
The tour leader did follow the itinerary closely. However due to time constraint, we could not shop explore much at the places we stopped. It was always a quick dash through the attractions. It makes it worse when there are long queues for everything (ie Disneyland).
Personally I think we spend too much time on the bus than on the ground exploring ( We spend half a day on the bus, each day!) We are not big fans of Tour Groups, however given the diverse group we went (ie 3 generations) , we have little choice but to take a tour group.

Good Stuff
1)The food was quite good and diverse in Japanese standard.
2) Rooms wise it is pretty acceptable at most places.
3) Tour Guide was knowledgeable and friendly
4) Follows the Itinerary
5) Not much 'extra' shopping compared to South Korea Tour. Extra shopping implies unnecessary shopping meant for commission of tour guides.

Not so good Stuff
1) Too much time travelling - Average 8 hours per day!
2) Too little time at each location - sometimes only 15 mins.
3) No major surprise as itinerary is closely followed
4) Too little free and easy time (Normal for guided tour)

As for the attractions, this tour is a good plan for those who have not been to Japan and am unsure where to go ( it allows you to go places you may otherwise not do on your own)
However like most tour groups we had been, once you have experienced it, it may be good to go on your own or take another itinerary. Perhaps there should be more time given to each attractions and this may mean sacrificing some attractions along the way.

Our Guide Moa Moa
Our Tour Guide is quite localised. Although he is from HK , he has some grasp of Japan history and it is nice to hear his stories on the long bus ride. It helps that I am a sucker for history.
He is married to a Japanese and has been living in Japan for over 20 years.

A the airport
Travelling with kids and parents is no joke. We were used to rely on helpers in Singapore.
During the trip, our paternal instinct kicked in. I must say Mommy did a great job in the daily maintenance of sanity. She washes, feeds and packs... a perfect mommy!

Lou and Planes
The important thing when travelling with kids is that you need to keep them entertained. Lucky for us, Lou decided to be a better boy on the bus compared to South Korea trip. At least he sleeps quite a bit during the bus rides. In other words, he can be quite active when we are off the bus. It's a trade off that we are most willing to take. As for C, you can tell his 'years' of travelling has made him a season traveller. This means he is generally well behaved during the trip.

Kid's Park at the airport
Lou on the police car
Overall we enjoyed our trip. Will we go with Chan Brothers for another tour?
However I am certain our next trip is going to be free and easy where we can explore the places on our own space and time.

C with many cars!


Having fun
On a parting note, the most important thing about this trip is that our kids have fun while exploring the world. As you could see , they take fun in any form they can take, even if it means only 15 mins in the airport Kids Park.
Souvenirs from Japan
We are glad to be back in Singapore. Till the next holiday.
Arigato Gozaimasu!
Thanks for staying with us on this epic posts on Japan.

Back to Singapore

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