Japan Day 6 : Tokyo

Breakfast - Milk for Bro, APPLE juice for me
Our last day in Japan! We had breakfast before heading to our final activity for our trip

Udon slurp slurp
I discovered I love Japanese Udon!On the other hand , Louis does not seem to keen on Japanese food

Louis wants to play!
Our final activity is a visit to Asakusa Kannon temple
I had visited the place with my parents 2 years ago.

Asakusa Entrance
It was a last minute shopping trip for us!


I could not remember what we did the last time, but it was a 'new' experience for me

Me and Mommy

Shopping Street

Maneki Neko
The temple is also well known for Maneki Neto. Contrary to popular beliefs, this lucky cat originated from Japan and not China

Wide Eye Louis

New Tokyo Tower
We could see the new Tokyo Tower from here.

Louis and Tokyo Tower
Next stop is Yakiniku Lunch Buffet

Yakiniku Lunch Buffet

The Resturant
It's all you can eat!

Different meats
Ah Ma does most of the cooking. We think she misses cooking for us :)

After lunch, we will be heading to the airport for home.
It was an enjoyable 6 days for us. There was too much travelling but we did get to see things we have not seen before. Daddy will post the review in our last post for this trip.
Next Stop :  Airport!

Bye Bye!

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