Kartini Resturant@ Parkway

Kartini Restaurant @ Parkway
It's Auntie Jumi's 5th year with us. To celebrate , we decided to bring her to an Indonesian Restaurant at Parkway (She is indonesian) . We went to Kartini Restaurant for lunch.

The restaurant is all dressed by in orange. We were served by waitress wearing the kebaya (the SQ kind).
Food wise, it was not so fantastic.There wasn't much options for individual sets. So we ordered seperate dishes instead.As for prices, it is priced almost double compared to Java Kitchen.
They also charged us for mineral water and Indonesian appetisers which we did not ordered.
The food presentation actually reminds Dad of homemade food (i.e just cook and place it on the plates)

In doing this entry Dad also found out about this!!
I think we would go back Java Kitchen if we want to eat Indonesian food the next time.

Auntie Jumi and us
Auntie Jumi has been with me since birth. We all like her very much. She had said that she may want to stop once her current contract is up (Feb 2013). We would be quite sad if it happens but then again, she has been with us for quite a while and needs to be back to her family

Free Stuff
On a lighter note, Dad had a $10 voucher given to him free as he was spotted carrying an eco bag from parkway. Guess it pays by going green!

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